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A Perfect Blend Of Skillful Artistry &
State-Of-The-Art Aesthetic Technology

Three compelling elements make Allurant Medical unique:

  1. Dr. Kat, our highly experienced medical doctor, is on-site full-time. So, Dr. Kat performs many of our treatments and continually trains our staff to ensure their skills meet her standards of excellence.
  2. We approach aesthetics holistically. At Allurant Medical, we think your beauty starts on the inside, so your physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness play a vital role, and we incorporate those elements into your treatment plan.
  3. We’re results-driven. We offer fillers and botox for instant gratification. Still, our non-invasive, regenerative treatments are scientifically-proven to enhance your body’s ability to repair, restore, and rejuvenate your skin over-time.
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Five-minutes into your consultation with Dr. Kat Khorrami and, you’ll know she’s not your average Aesthetics doctor. What makes her so extraordinary? First, her 30-years of experience as an emergency physician and general practitioner is instantly apparent. Then her well-developed artistic skill shines through. You can tell she cares very deeply about giving you an outstanding experience with remarkable outcomes.

Dr. Kat knows your desire for beauty isn’t superficial; it’s in your DNA. In fact, she points out we are wired to see beauty as part of our species’ survival. So, she understands why you want your physical appearance to mirror your inner beauty.

Dr. Kat has over 10-years of experience in Aesthetics. Allurant Medical is the love child of her extensive experience in allopathic medicine and her deep passion for regenerative and natural healing.

At Allurant Medical, Dr. Kat does more than plump up lips. She’ll teach you to appreciate your natural beauty and help you express who you want to be so you can step more fully into yourself. Dr. Kat will expertly draw the line at any treatment that looks artificial or detracts from your natural features.

Our primary goal is to help you feel at ease in your skin. That way, you can cherish your individual beauty, and feel confident and empowered.




Muscle Relaxants

Dermal Fillers

Optimizing Health Health

Optimizing Health

Bio Identical Hormone Pellets

IV Treatments

IM Treatments


Skin tightening

Skin Lift & Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening 
RF Microneedling
Fractional RF
Plasma Gold or Silver
PDO Thread Lift

Skin Resurfacing 
Dermal Health AdvaTX Laser
Vampire Facial


Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative Therapy:

Facial Rejuvenation
Under Eye
Hair Loss
Stretch Marks

Spa Services

Facials & Spa Services

Diamond Glow Silkpeel
Oxygen Facial
Acne Facial
Teen Facial
Gentlemen Facial
Celluma LED

fat transfer

Laser Liposuction & Fat Transfer

Laser Liposuction 
Double Chin
Love Handles
Inner Thighs

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I 100% absolutely trust Dr Kat and her talented staff to help me age gracefully. I speak from experience to say this clinic is top notch, consistently providing medical interventions while offering an environment of balance, trust, creativity and acceptance.

This clinic does an amazing job of treating each person like an individual while maintaining professional boundaries that don’t marginalize the client but rather offer treatment plans that validate concerns and structure a reasonable course of care. Definitely recommend!

Annie Brantman

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
Dr Kat is the best. She’s incredibly smart, a wonderful listener, and is never rushed. She takes the time to discuss my million and one skincare questions and concerns and provides solutions and great advice. I strongly recommend her and her services!

Christie Valois

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Dr. Kat is the best! I am a returning patient after getting a threadlift at the end of 2019. I was so happy to look in the mirror. In fact, it sent 2 of my friends to get them once they saw the results, one to Dr. Kat (and one out of state). I just got another threadlift a couple weeks ago and I am so very happy about it. The before and after pics are amazing. It takes longer to get a haircut! She really takes her time though to make sure her work is perfect. She is very friendly, her staff is as well. Prices are very reasonable. There is nothing like getting mistaken for a 30-something when you are really almost 50! 🙂 I will be going back to Dr. Kat, 100%!

Roxy Rickaby

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Positive: Quality
I found Allurant through a friend at my gym. I’ve had couple of procedures done there and have been completely wowed. Kat will be honest and never tries to up-sell. Very reputable company and well priced. I can’t say enough good things about them. Highly recommend! So glad I found them.

Sandy Nolan

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