If you are feeling frustrated with your skin looking dull, uneven or wrinkled you are not alone. The PRP Facial has become a preferred treatment among many patients searching for a more natural solution to these common skin problems. If you’re searching for a few reasons that will convince you to try this treatment yourself, continue reading.

5 Facts About the PRP Facial Treatment:

1. It helps to treat uneven skin including wrinkles, acne, and scarring. The platelet rich plasma drawn from your own blood contains curative qualities which aid in healing flawed skin tone and texture. As an add-on to micro-needling your platelet rich plasma can be used to boost your skin’s youthful glow and radiance. When injected deeper into the tissue, your PRP can act as a natural filler to restore face shape and build collagen to selected areas.

2. It boosts cell growth. Through separating the red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma, your body uses its own platelets to trigger cell growth and recovery. During the micro-needling process, your body mistakes the micro-injuries for a trauma and uses its own stem cells to begin the healing process. These stems cells create new tissue, collagen, and cells which therefore improves the tone and texture of your skin.

3. Orthopedic doctors were the first doctors to use this treatment. The PRP Facial uses your own platelet Rich Plasma. The use of PRP initially came into the field of medicine by orthopedic surgeons who used the platelet rich plasma to aid in the healing process of joint, muscle and tendon injuries through injecting PRP into an injured area. PRP has been used in the dentistry and veterinary fields for even longer, injecting select areas to encourage the production of new healed tissue.

4. It’s the most natural filler injection available. Most dermal fillers are comprised of gels to be injected under the skin to fill lines and/or add volume to the area. The gel is metabolized by the body after a period of time and additional injections are then needed to sustain the desired look. Platelet rich plasma injections act differently than synthetic dermal fillers in that they not only fill the desired area, but also stimulate the production of new collagen and facial tissue for results that continue to improve even months after injection. The new regenerated tissue is younger, healthier and yours to keep, only subject to ongoing changes from the natural aging process.

5. It is preferred by patients with sensitive skin. Since the PRP Facial uses only your own blood to improve skin tone and texture, it is a more natural alternative to facials that use chemical products. Because of this, patients with more sensitive skin do not have to be concerned about having a reaction to anything that is used during the PRP Facial treatment, as there is no chance of an adverse reaction due to a foreign material.

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