When you hear the word Botox®️, do you automatically think, “wrinkles?” If so, that’s understandable. Botox®️ is one of the top cosmetic procedures, and it’s famous for fighting wrinkles. Neurotoxins like Botox®️ do reverse aging signs and minimize wrinkles. But, they have other unexpected little-known uses. So, we’re here to share 9 Astounding and Unexpected Uses for Botox®️ you’ve probably never heard of.

1. Alleviate Underarm Sweating 

One of Botox’s®️ initial uses was to treat overactive sweat glands (hyperhidrosis). When you have neurotoxin injections in your underarms, it prevents the glands from producing sweat. So, if sweating is an issue for you, you’ll get six months of relief from the treatment.

2. Eliminate Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you already know they can be debilitating. Surprisingly, Botox®️ can help you with that. Patients who had Botox®️ for wrinkle reduction experienced a decrease in their migraines’ frequency and severity, which allowed doctors to discover neurotoxins were helpful for migraines. 

When your doctor injects Botox®️ into your forehead, hairline, and temples, it relaxes the muscles that feel strain during a migraine headache. Although the exact migraine-reduction technique is unknown, the injectable will reduce the muscle tension in your forehead that causes your migraines.

3. Minimize Visible Gums

If your gums are over-visible when you smile, Botox®️ can help with that. When your doctor injects a few neurotoxin units above your upper lip, it paralyzes those muscles. How high your upper lip lifts when you smile determines how much of your gums show when smiling. 

4. Fix Eye Twitches

One of the original Botox’s®️ first uses was to prevent eye twitching around the eyes. So, if you suffer from bothersome eye twitching, neurotoxin injections will give you about three to six months of tremendous relief.  

5. Alleviate Depression

If you suffer from depression, you know how debilitating it can be. Depression can affect you so profoundly it will even show on your face. 

Fortunately, researchers discovered your emotions are a two-way street. Your feelings show on in your expressions, and your facial expressions affect your feelings.

Botox®️ works for depression in the same way it works for migraines. Botox®️ stops you from forming sad or angry expressions on your forehead. If you can’t make negative facial expressions, you can’t feed your experiencing adverse emotions.

6. Control an Overactive Bladder

Do you find yourself running to the bathroom every 15-minutes or find it challenging to hold your urine? Your urologist can inject Botox®️ into your bladder wall to control bladder function and reduce full bladder feelings. The results restore your freedom and are truly miraculous. 

7. Reduce Masseter Muscles and AlleviateTMJ

When you excessively grind your teeth and clench your jaw, it increases your jaw muscles’ size. Large jaw muscles can cause pain and affect the shape of your jawline. Injections in the muscles will decrease the muscle size, create a more softened and relaxed jawline, and reduce the urge to grind your teeth and clench your jaw.

8. Minimize Vocal Disorders

If you have a speech disorder or experience involuntary movements, injecting Botox®️ into your vocal-cord muscles will alleviate the effects. Results last up to four months.

9. Reduce Oily Skin

Micro-doses of Botox®️ can reduce your production of sebum, the oily substance that moisturizes your skin. Subdermal Botox®️ injections can temporarily minimize your skin’s oil production and decrease your pore size.

If you’d like to learn more about these astounding uses for Botox,®️ we have a team of highly-trained experts available to answer all your questions. Contact Allurant for a complimentary consultation today and discover which treatments are right for you.