For as long as I remember I have been interested in beauty. I inherited my curiosity and love of science from my father, a physician, and professor of microbiology at the University of Tehran. My mother, a cartographer by training, and an artist at heart opened my eyes to the beautiful world of shapes and forms while instilling in me a reverence for the marvel of the human body.

I have been a medical doctor for 28 years practicing in almost all areas of medicine, finally finding my niche in two very different fields in the past 2 decades: emergency and aesthetics medicine. I have also followed my passion for shapes and forms by creating art throughout my life, showing my paintings, sculpture, installation art, and photography in Canada and USA.

As a practitioner of Aesthetic and Regenerative medicine, I am driven by the conviction that each of us naturally possesses the potential for great beauty and vitality. In the relatively new world of Regenerative Medicine, we have now entered an exciting era of exponential learning about our bodies’ natural ability to heal and regenerate itself.

I pride myself in working with care and dedication to make my patients look and feel better. To this end, I continually search for the latest proven and innovative non-surgical cosmetic treatments to help my patients achieve their maximum aesthetic potential by tapping into their bodies’ natural regenerative and healing abilities.

As a lifelong practitioner of yoga, I believe in a holistic approach to Wellness and Beauty. I  live by and teach a simple philosophy in regards to health: We must approach our bodies and its problems holistically by looking at the greater picture because no issue is separate from the whole of who we are: body, mind, and soul.  Achieving aesthetic goals is no different. Similar to how we maintain our physical fitness by exercising, eating naturally and staying hydrated, we need to maintain our skin and soft tissue fitness through regular regenerative regiments and treatments that create beauty from inside out, and in congruence with the body’s natural ways.

For many there has been a stigma attached to taking care of our outer beauty while there has been no guilt in eating well, exercising, or dental hygiene for that matter, to maintain optimal health.  Just as we no longer accept dental decay as a sign of natural aging, we do not need to put up with damaged thinning skin or hair as we get older. As we live longer we want to keep fit, feel vital and look amazing. We now have access to medical technologies that not only help us live longer but also help us prevent, restore and reverse the signs of aging.

In my practice of aesthetic medicine, I focus on Facial Rejuvenation, viewing and assessing the face as a whole. I use my artistic eye in restoring shape, balance, and symmetry to my patients’ faces keeping in mind the natural laws and ratios of beauty. I use restorative non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments which tap into the body’s ability to regenerate itself, reversing some of the damages caused by the environment and aging.   My approach has been “less is more”, and It has produced consistently pleasing, natural-looking results lending to very positive feedback from my patients.