You have tried everything to make sure you don’t get pimples. And then you wake up to a big painful bump on your chin, nose, or back. Let’s just say: you’re not alone.

Even for those that are blessed with beautiful skin, they have experienced the occasional break out. Acne is the number one skin condition in North America. 50 million Americans are affected by this annoying skin condition and the numbers are on the rise. Having to deal with breakouts can really mess with feeling self-confident in teens. The incidence of acne is also increasing in adults. Thinking I had escaped my teens without too many pimples, I was in my late twenties when much to my surprise I started having acne on my back, and the nasty lesions continued to appear well into my forties. The term “backne” did not exist at that time. And now we have the new term “Maskne” since the pandemic, which aptly describes the common problem of acne due to wearing masks for long periods of time

This Beast Has Many Heads:

Just when you thought you have seen all that you ever wanted with this business of breaking out, you discover a new kind of pimple. Well, acne does not just come in one shape or form.


The beast of acne can show up as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, cysts, and nodules. All of them are Bad. Each of them needs a different approach to treat so the condition goes away, and stays away.

Then there is the problem of dark pigmentation and scarring. You want to get on top of the acne problem as soon as possible to avoid scarring. And if there is already scarring you need to find out what the best options are for treating the acne scars so you get your smooth skin back again.

Why Am I Getting Acne?

Acne is caused by the inflammation of your hair follicles because they are plugged with excess oil and dead skin cells.

Let’s first off say what acne is not caused by. It’s not from eating too much oily food or chocolate. It is not because you have dirty skin or because you’re under stress.

But There Are Threads of Truth to All These Myths.

Food: Acne is an inflammatory condition. Certain foods cause more inflammation, especially in people that are susceptible. The foods that you should avoid include processed food, high sugar content, and dairy for many people that suffer from acne.

Hygiene: Washing a lot does not help cure your acne. But taking care of your skin with proper acne products helps get rid of dead cells and certain bacteria which can keep acne going for a long time.

Stress: Although stress does not directly cause acne, it does weaken your immune system and your ability to heal. So when you get acne, stress will make it go on for longer meaning there is a much greater chance of getting infected, causing pigmentation and scarring problems.

Hormones: Hormone surges and imbalances often trigger acne which is why teenagers have more acne than any other group. So it is that much more important to start caring for acne early when the hormones are on the rise to avoid any long-term problems with scarring and pigmentation.

Bacteria: The acne bacteria lives on the skin of most people. This bacteria is one of the main causes of acne. Your genetics can determine how easily your body fights off this bacteria naturally. If acne tends to run in your family, don’t worry since there are many other ways to keep this bacteria at bay.

What Are My Options to Stop My Acne?

At Home:
Clean regularly with effective acne washes.
Use effective products that are suitable to your specific kind of acne and skin.
Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
Get enough sleep to make sure your immune system is strong and able to heal quickly.
Eat a healthy balanced diet to reduce inflammation.
Stay active and get plenty of exercise to have good blood flow to your skin

Esthetician Care:
Seeing an esthetician can make a big difference in regular deep cleaning and unplugging of your pores removing dead cells and infusing your skin with healing products. A medical aesthetician can also help you with treatments such as light therapy, chemical peels, customized facials and extractions, as well as assess your skin to recommend the right product for your specific skin type.

Medical Care:
There are more reasons now than in the past to see a medical doctor early on as part of your acne care. That is because there are many non-invasive treatments for your acne that help regenerate your skin and keep it healthy in the long run. This way you can avoid or reduce the need for medications with potential side effects.

At our clinic Allurant Medical, we approach the assessment and treatment of your acne from multiple angles. We aim to get your acne under control quickly, settle down the inflammation, maintain a healthy clear skin, and address any scarring or pigmentation from previous acne.

Your Individualized Acne Treatment Can Include One or Many of the Following:

  • A complementary consultation to identify your particular skin type and acne lesions,
  • Medical Aesthetician care as regularly as needed
  • Products recommendation based on your skin type
  • Medical intervention offering a variety of energy based treatments
  • Medical injections to stop the painful inflamed cysts
  • Prescriptions for topical and oral prescriptions when necessary.

Our Medical Treatments Include:

  • Specialized lasers to stop the acne breaking out process, by reducing the P. acne bacteria, and oil production, as well as reduce red and brown unevenness.
  • Resurfacing treatments to renew your skin and take away any irregularities or scars.
  • Energy based treatments such as Lasers, Radiofrequency, Plasma energy, or Microneedling to induce collagen and smooth out acne scars.
  • Infusion of the skin with platelet rich fibrin or exosome to help regenerate healthy skin
  • Customized chemical peels designed for your skin and performed on a schedule.
  • Electrophoresis cleansing and purging of the skin to unplug the pores and infuse products across the skin barrier.

So What to Do Next?

If you’re interested in finding out what is possible in the treatment of your acne, give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our amazing providers.

You can also access more information on our website https://allurantmedical.com/