There is Finally a Natural Solution for Men

Men’s physiological state can change due to factors such as aging, lack of activity, bad eating habits, smoking or drugs which can have a negative effect on your quality of life including your sex life. Over half of all men between the ages of 40-70 suffer from some degree of Erectile Dysfunction Disorder.

What is Alma Duo?

Alma Duo uses the most widely proven technology and tested natural solution for men wanting to improve their erectile function. Alma Duo uses low intensity shock wave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction or enhance normal erectile function in male patients. Now, doctors can provide a patient with a treatment that is clinically proven, safe, easy, painless, fast, and delivers a complete solution for ED problems that are vascular-related.

The Gold Standard Treatment for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

  • Natural, safe and highly effective
  • Non-painful and Non-invasive
  • Short Treatment Sessions

Shock wave based therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (short EDSWT) is an approach that is innovative and treats vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction, ED caused by poor blood supply. The shockwave therapy is delivered by Alma Duo, which is a device that uses advanced acoustics technology. EDSWT works by applying low intensity shock waves to the skin, in this case specifically it is applied to the tissue of the penis.

Alma Duo treats a wide range of conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, ED, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome due to prostatitis (CPPS) which were not able to be treated effectively before. Alma Duo also is used in treatment of female orgasmic function. Shock wave therapy is also effective for treatment of soft tissue injuries and healing, however that is beyond the scope of this article.

EDSWT, What is it?

Specifically designed for treating ED, EDSWT works by using low intensity shock waves on the outside of the body. This method has been used since 2005 successfully in treating ischemic tissue of the heart, and thus improving blood flow into its tissues. Shock waves created by the Duo machine are focused onto the area that is being treated. In the penile tissue the focused shock waves create new blood vessels. The new vascular blood flow enables the patient that is being treated to achieve firmer erections with greater ease and maintain them for longer duration of time.

How Does Shockwave ED Treatment Differ from other ED Treatments?

Therapy using shock waves is non-pharmacological and non-invasive. It works by triggering a natural mechanism which fixes ED problems that are vascular related and cures the problems instead of only treating its possible symptoms. Other therapies such as oral medication, or penile injections, implants, and pumps can cause negative effects on organs of the body.

A Drug Free Erectile Dysfunction Solution

Alma Duo is a solution with long term results. It is also pain free, and effective for men that may not respond well to pharmaceutical solutions.

  • Alma Duo offers a significant improvement in patients sexual performance
  • It also enables the natural mechanism for getting erections
  • It also triggers the natural repair mechanisms of the body

Alma Duo Treatment Details

  • Only 15 minutes long
  • Uses 300 shocks per the treated site
  • Easy, lunch time procedure
  • Only 6 visits
  • We use 5 treatment sites
  • Experience zero pain

Treat ED’s Causes and not its Symptoms Without Using any Drugs

Now more effective for a large number of patients

50% of all men suffer from some degree of ED todays. Alma Duo is considered to be the most effective treatment on the market. This treatment is a breakthrough in possible therapeutic treatments for ED and brings improvement that is long lasting to millions of men for sexual health and erectile function without use of medications and with no discomfort.

By applying a solution in advanced cardiology using shockwave therapy to ED, Alma Duo has created the only current method that works for improving ED and not just masking its underlying problems.

Now, your doctor can give you a treatment that is clinically proven and safe, easy, painless, and fast.

With low intensity and pain free shock waves that are acoustic, similar to ultrasound, EDSWT stimulates new networks of blood vessels to increase supply of blood to erectile tissue and enables maintenance and achievement of dependable and full erections.


Is this Treatment Effective?

This treatment is considered effective for anyone that has vascular related problems with ED and this includes about 70% of people with ED. Clinical trials have shown that there is significant improvement in erectile function for at least one year after a treatment series. This therapy also helps patients that have severe ED to be more responsive to treatments that use PDE5 Inhibitors.

Is Shockwave Treatment better than Pharmacological Treatments such as PDE5 Inhibitors (Erection Pills)?

Yes. The rate of drop out from using pills as a solution to ED is 50% while Alma Duo has a much higher rate of success.

Is Alma Duo Safe or does it Have any Side Effects?

This treatment is entirely safe. No medications are given to the patient and it is non invasive. No side effects are expected following, during, or post treatment. Patients can return to daily routine immediately after a treatment session.

Is Alma Duo Painful?

Alma Duo is not painful and no numbing or sedation is required. Some people report a sensation of light tapping against the skin during treatment.

Where do you perform the treatment?

Treatments are done in the doctors clinic and so are discreet and private.

How long does Alma Duo take?

Alma Duo sessions take around 15 minutes. The treatment in total consists of 6-8 sessions done over the span of 3-4 weeks.

How early can I start to see improvements? How long do they last?

Most patients report improvement in 2-6 weeks after beginning of treatment depending on the severity of the patients condition. These improvements last for over a year after treatment, including not using or reducing PDE5 Inhibitors.

Will more treatments be needed for repetition in the future?

After the first series of treatment maintenance treatments are recommended once a year for most patients. This treatment however may be repeated as much as you would like as it is painless, without side effects and non invasive.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for Alma Duo, please request a consultation. We will be more than happy to help you!