Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

Spending time out of work is a great way to relax and live life. A drink in your hand, a swimsuit, and some sunshine would make a great vacation. However this doesn’t work if you’re constantly worrying about your hair and appearances. You will not enjoy your time if you’re reminded about an uneven bikini line for example. Laser Hair removal will take away these worries for good. Let’s talk about the benefits of the top-of-the-line technology Alma Soprano offers for Laser Hair Removal.

Why Alma Soprano is the Best

The aesthetics market has multitudes of laser machines you could choose from. It can be difficult to make sure you have the best one for yourself. Here are advantages of using the Alma Soprano machine for your hair care.

1. Alma Does Not Greatly Damage the Surrounding Skin Near the Hair Follicle

Traditional hair removal treatments use IPL, or intense pulsed light for removing hair. This way the machine uses a strong beam of light on the hair follicle that absorbs the energy and destroys it with heat. However, IPL is not usually recommended for skin high in melanin as the extra absorbed heat could be uncomfortable. Alma Soprano Ice uses a different technology than IPL, and also an “in motion” applicator, which heats the skin to damage hair follicles and their regrowing process but is safe to the surrounding skin and for all skin tones.

2. Suitable for Any and Every Skin tone

Alma Soprano has three different wavelengths you may use and this is important when considering the skin type to treat. New Alma Soprano machines can use three at once. This means you can have a pain-free experience, bulk heating is more effective for permanent hair removal and finishes in fewer treatments.

3. Alma Has A Powerful User Interface = Less Time in Treatment

The new flexible user interface on the Alma Soprano makes it easier for the technician to perform laser hair removal treatment and this translates to an easier experience for the person receiving the treatment, with less possible mistakes and overall time.

4. Treatment Time is Shorter

Some laser removal machines have smaller laser spots and therefore take longer to treat. This is also due to the fact that they are not as strong, and therefore less effective. This can be important if you have larger areas to target with laser treatment, otherwise treatments could take a very long time. The New Alma Soprano line can cut hair removal treatment time by almost half.

5. More Cooling Equals Less Pain

Laser hair devices are heat seeking lasers for breaking down hair follicles and their growth process. Alma Soprano Machines have top of the line cooling technology that creates only a slightly warm sensation at the skin even at maximum energy levels.

6. Reduced Treatment Price Compared to the Alternatives

Lower treatment time means a lower treatment package cost, and often Alma can offer the same treatment in fewer sessions.