Andropause’s 101: The Cause, Possible Symptoms and Treatments

Just like menopause in women, andropause can happen to males at some point in life. This usually happens around the middle age. This happens from natural testosterone going down, but there are treatments and symptoms to diagnose and treat andropause.

At Allurant Medical we offer bio identical hormone treatments, a more comprehensive treatment for andropause symptoms.

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How do we Define Andropause?

Low testosterone, the loss of mental and emotional function in areas such as motivation in the workplace or sometimes in bed, can show on tests as andropause.

Stress, high blood sugar, chronic inflammation, excess body fat, and low physical activity are all possible factors of andropause, however they may be parts of other diseases too. Hormone levels can change, like the DHEA hormone. Males can usually get this when they get older and may experience different levels and symptoms depending on the individual.

Symptoms and Signs


One symptom is sleepiness and feeling low energy. Low testosterone translates to lack of energy and sometimes exhaustion feelings coming easily.

Change in sexual functioning

Another common symptom can be low libido, lack of maintaining erections or lack of sex drive. Gradual sexual dysfunction with age happens quicker, leading to fewer spontaneous erections, shrunken teste and possibly infertility.


Many men suffer from undiagnosed depression from andropause. They may have no energy, feelings of sadness, withdrawn or touchy, and can cause habits that will harm the individual.

Disturbance of Sleep

With Andropause, you may have a great challenge getting a good night’s sleep. Also low sleep may be a sign you have depression due to low levels of testosterone. In addition to insomnia you may also experience higher fatigue in the day from poor sleep at night.

Other symptoms and signs of andropause are: lower bone density, losing muscle mass, tender or enlarged breasts, higher body fat, decreases in self confidence, problems with motivation, difficulty concentrating, and issues with memory.

However, these signs could be linked to other disorders also.

Diagnosing Andropause

Although many people will have falling levels in testosterone, in men the real problem is often once they have some of the systems of andropause. The doctor will do a physical exam and ask you questions to diagnose the condition. A blood test is an important factor for diagnosis and testosterone levels get measured in comparison to your age. Other tests can also be ordered to try to account for your observed symptoms.

How do we Treat Andropause?

We may treat andropause symptoms either with testosterone pills, injections, or natural remedies such as herbal extracts and roots.

Doctors usually advise for testosterone replacement therapy to help with symptoms of andropause. Treatments usually include any of these following remedies:

Pills  – oral products are available for boosting testosterone levels. Usually these pills are taken 2-3 times a day with food, however they are only advised for short term use.

Gels – Just like pills, these solutions are applied on the arm for several hours to combat andropause symptoms. Extra caution is required for these products however.

Injections – This is the most effective remedy for testosterone replacement therapy. Often, you only need one every three months however, they are more potent and may possibly lead to some side effects.

Allurant Medical offers a top of the line treatment for testosterone replacement called Testosterone Bio Identical Hormone Treatment which provides a safer and more effective long term treatment for andropause symptoms.

Often, taking these remedies will cause relief from andropause symptoms such as low energy, sex drive and depression.

Risks of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Side effects are not uncommon with any hormonal treatments. Side effects for using any pharmaceutical testosterone products for treating andropause include the following:



Sleep problems


Long term risks aren’t known completely. It is believed it can worsen prostate cancer and cause cancerous growth. This treatment is not advised for men with an enlarged prostate.

Testosterone Replacement therapy can also increase any risk of heart disease or stroke. This is because it can promote formation of clots in the veins. You should be careful to discuss these things with your doctor before choosing to get TRT therapy.

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy however is a considerably safer treatment for andropause symptoms and is regularly done once every few months.

Natural Ways to Treat Andropause

There are also natural solutions to this condition’s symptoms. There are many in the medical community who doubt how herbal supplements may be effective, however there are reports that people experience increased testosterone with using these herbs. Here are a few of the herbs believed to help:

Tribulus Terrestris is a famous aphrodisiac in some countries and has a compound in it called protodioscin, a believed precursor to testosterone. It also causes firmer erections.

Tongkat Ali is a herb that helps men in more ways than only boosting testosterone and increases sexual desire and quality of semen. It is also beneficial for muscle growth.

Fenugreek is a herb that helps symptoms of andropause for older men, boosting the amount of testosterone present in the body and enhancing sexual functions.

Suma Root is known for many benefits and is also known as the Brazilian ginseng. It has ecydesterone which is responsible for the boosting of testosterone levels and the herb is also known to be a libido booster.

Some other natural remedies for andropause symptoms are zinc and avena sativa.

Doctors do advise caution for these herbal supplements and some say they are not effective or even safe for use. You should be careful to do your research and buy supplements from reputable companies.


You must choose the solution right for you.

Some men often do not need to worry about a decline in testosterone levels. Andropause is not certainly the cause of symptoms that were mentioned above as they are also linked to health problems. Also, sometimes men don’t show symptoms with this condition. To be sure that you have andropause you must speak with your doctor and get a blood test.

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is considered a safer option than others. Testosterone replacement therapy can help male menopause symptoms however, we advise that you speak with your doctor first as some treatments could have serious implications on one’s health. Exercise and diet can also be very helpful giving a boost to your mental and physical health. Consider any of these proven herbs but don’t rely on them completely.