The P-Shot can help common problems with men’s sexual health such as decreased sensitivity, delay in achieving erections, difficulty maintaining erections, and desiring firmer erections.

Getting the P-Shot awards the patient with benefits such as better sensitivity, erections quality, and possibly a larger penis size.


The P-Shot or Priapus Shot involves drawing blood from the arm which is sent through a centrifuge to create healing growth factors by creating higher concentration of platelets in the blood. This is then injected, after local numbing, into different areas of the penis. Over the course of weeks or months the penis will experience an increase in vascular blood flow which contribute to better quality of erections and other positive side effects.

The P-Shot improves strength, health, size, circulation, sensation and is effective in treating ED. This treatment is customized to your needs and your medical expert will inject PRF in whatever areas you may be concerned with.


1. A Completely Safe Procedure

This treatment has no risks or negative side effects. There is no risk of the body rejecting your own blood products.

2. The P-Shot Procedure is Completely Painless

The procedure involves shallow penetration by the needle and involves no pain. We also numb the area before treatment.

People report no pain and rarely mild effects such as bruising after a few days.

3. Increase in Sexual Pleasure and Penis Sensation

The P-Shot creates more sensation. It rejuvenates sexual organ tissue and improves circulation, this increase means higher sensivity to both arousal and touch.

4. Improves your Ability to Maintain and Achieve a Healthy Erection and Improves Sexual Stamina.

This improves the quality of erections, stamina and helps people with premature ejaculation increase stamina. Results may last up to a year.

5. Experience More Intense and Stronger Orgasms

The P-Shot creates more sensation and orgasms are more intense and may last longer.

6. Helps Produce Longer Lasting and Harder Erections

The P-Shot creates harder and longer lasting erections. The P-Shot rejuvenates cells that help keep the blood inside the penis which results in longer lasting and harder erections.

7. Can Increase Size, Change Appearance, and Shape of the Penis

This procedure also includes an increase in length, circumference, shape, and appearance of the penis.

It improves the curvature of the penis in Peyronies disease.

This is because the cellular function in the penis becomes even better than it was in it’s sexual prime and absorbs more blood than it usually does.

8. Enhances Efficacy of any Oral Erectile Dysfunction Therapies

Effects of the P-Shot can mean that oral therapies work better in the penis area.

The P-Shot is long lasting and effective in combating ED, has no side effects, and no downtime. Consider a consultation for P-Shot San Diego today to improve your daily sexual life.