Recovery Tips for the Brazilian Butt Lift, and What You Should Expect

The BBL surgery has gotten popularized in recent years as natural curvacious bodies have been admired and showcased. If you desire a more round, lifted and firm glute appearance you can achieve this with a BBL. The BBL has gained popularity for its immediate effects, giving those who had tried or wished for their buttocks to grow but had limited success a new opportunity. It is possible to get the glutes of your dreams regardless of the amount of exercise you have done and how properly you have been eating. Although the BBL treatment is effective it is a serious surgical procedure with downtime required. After having the BBL procedure you should take post-care treatment seriously and be firm to make important lifestyle changes to get the best results.

It is crucial to follow the right regime pre and post procedure to get the most predictable and desired results. Read more about this below.

Which Spots of the Body are Commonly Used for Donor Fat?

In the BBL surgery, we remove fat from other areas in the body. This fat is then processed through a machine and then reinjected into the buttocks area. The BBL procedure requires 2-3mm incisions in order to remove fat cells from their donor sites. The scars left by these incisions are extremely small and in more discrete areas that makes it difficult to see them.

An important advantage of BBL surgery is having minimal scars. Although this procedure takes due diligence and care to create an excellent cosmetic outcome, you will be pleasantly surprised with the inconspicuous scars.

This means that after the operation you should follow these precautions:

  • Avoid strong solar radiation since this can darken left over scar tissue.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to irritating or harsh chemicals such as bleach.
  • Put pressure with a silicon sheet on the area that has scars after the incisions have completely healed. This will solidify the healing of the scars completely.

If you follow these precautions and any others that were given by the doctor you can heal the incisions completely with practically no scars.

How do Implants Compare With the BBL Procedure?

Both butt implants and BBL are used for buttock augmentations, however, the procedures are quite different in execution. The recovery time and the procedure of BBL are different than buttocks implants.

Butt implants involve adding implants into the buttocks area for a larger more shapely glute size. In comparison, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will harvest fat from a single or multiple sites, and after this fat is processed it is then reinjected into the buttock area. Small incisions are created to both harvest and inject the fat.

To see whether a BBL is right for you in comparison to other procedures, consider having a consultation in the field.

However, the BBL procedure has advantages in comparison to buttocks implants, and this includes:

  • Shorter recovery time compared to getting buttock implants since implants surgery is more invasive.
  • BBL treatment creates a more natural result in comparison to the buttock implants, since a BBL is only using your harvested body fat that we then transfer into the buttocks.
  • The BBL has no risk of possible capsular contracture, as the incisions are very small and scars become practically invisible. Capsular contractures are scarring that can harden around the area where the implant was done.
  • Butt implants need to be replaced every eight to twelve years, however, the BBL treatment will last longer if given appropriate after surgery care.
  • Will never need a “replacement.”
  • Implants are added in surgery only to make the buttocks look bigger. In the BBL treatment, fat is removed from the waist, abdomen or other heavily fat tissued areas and added to the buttocks. This creates an overall slimer but still curvy look.

Although the BBL and butt implants both have their own benefits, you should remember to also consider possible side effects. The BBL surgery is invasive and could cause health risks if not done properly, so you should have a well practiced and highly qualified surgeon that can recommend the ideal procedure for your goals.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from the BBL Procedure?

One of the things you can get from your genes is the proportion and shape of the buttocks area. Many people, even with a healthy diet and exercise regime are still unable to achieve the look they desire for their buttocks. A great solution is to get a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The Brazilian Butt Lift treatment can create a transformation for your buttocks area, and other stubborn areas such as waist, lower back, or thighs.

You are able to get these results for the BBL surgery, listed below:

  • Improving overall proportions of the body, through balancing distribution of fat between the lower and upper body.
  • Create a more curvaceous body type or silhouette.
  • You may reduce fat from whichever areas you choose.
  • Create a firmer, fuller, and more aesthetically pleasing size and shape of the buttocks.

Which Areas Can I Choose for Fat Harvesting?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a process that contours the buttocks, improving its shape through use of liposuction, taking fat cells that are unwanted from a chosen part of the body, and transferring it to the buttocks area once it has been purified. You may also request to remove fat from whichever area of the body you would like. The most requested areas chosen for fat harvesting are:

Waist Area

The mid-section also known as peoples love handles can be an especially stubborn area to target. If you have already decided to undergo a BBL, then you may consider to have liposuction on your love handles to create a slimmer looking waist. Also in comparison, sometimes the flanks and the back area of the love handles can be another area to request for liposuction.

Upper Arms Area

Having excess fat and tissue in the upper arm area can be a common result of aging. Reducing arm fat through liposuction is very possible especially with the BBL procedure, and the fat from this area can easily be transferred into the buttocks area.

Abdomen Area

An area that is most frequently requested for liposuction in this procedure is the abdomen area. However, if you do choose to treat this area you must also treat the upper abdomen area for a smooth looking transition.

Thigh Area

You may choose the thighs area for fat transfer in the BBL procedure if you are unsatisfied with the look or shape of your thighs.


The BBL treatment is an effective and popular way of creating a more beautiful and curvaceous body. You should choose a qualified professional to do this procedure for the best possible results and for your safety. Visit us for a consultation today, or go to our website, at Allurant Medical Spa in San Diego, California.


The BBL procedure is a popular treatment to augment the buttocks and create a more curvaceous and slim body shape. The surgery includes liposuction, where we remove fat from targeted sites on the body and then process this fat in our machine, after which the fat that was harvested is then injected into the area of the buttocks. This cosmetic
surgery makes the butt firmer, larger and curvier, while making other areas of the body more slim. There are thus multiple benefits to the BBL treatment.

Remember to follow after care precautions as this will make sure that your results are kept. During this procedure small incisions 2-3mm long are made for removing and injecting the fat, however these incisions are usually barely visible. Also, you must be careful in order for the scars to fade with healing time.

The BBL procedure is safer and has more advantages than butt implants. Also, recovery time for this procedure is shorter, and the BBL offers longer lasting results.