Sculptra in San Diego

“Address The Underlying Cause Of Aging”


Sculptra Aesthetic is a synthetic sugar comprised of several lactic acid units. As you may know, lactic acid is a naturally occurring bodily substance. This makes Sculptra Aesthetic completely safe when used to restore the volume in your face.

Most fillers require the solution to be injected deep down into the skin’s dermis area. Sculptra Aesthetic is even safer than this because it stimulates collagen production in the body. This means new collagen fibers are created in order to replace the damaged ones that currently exist.

Advantages of Sculptra

  • Treatment time is short.
  • Approved by the FDA to be safe for treating signs of aging.
  • No anesthetics are needed.
  • No discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Results are long-lasting
  • Facial scars can be filled
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Promotes collagen production in the body
  • Cheek augmentation without surgery
  • Smooths out fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and creases
  • Looks natural

What makes Sculptra different from other fillers?

Sculptra Aesthetic helps make your facial contours look younger again. It does this by improving the thickness and volume of your skin. In addition, it replenishes collagen production in certain areas of your face. The treatment basically promotes facial sculpting by treating wrinkles, folds, and other hollow areas of the face.

You will achieve gradual results with Sculptra Aesthetic if you stay consistent with the treatments. The average patient needs two or three sessions, with four to six weeks between each session. The effects of the treatment will naturally build over time.

Which Conditions Can Be Treated with Sculptra?

Any areas of your skin that have lost volume can be treated with Sculptra Aesthetic. The most popular areas include the marionette lines, mid-face, temples, and nasolabial folds. If smiling causes you wrinkles, then Sculptra Aesthetic can take care of them for you. This treatment boosts skin elasticity and thickness to achieve youthful looking results. However, if you have superficial wrinkles, especially in the lips or under the eyes, then Sculptra Aesthetic is not recommended.

Each patient is different. This means they will need treatment in different areas. During your consultation, the doctor will determine which areas of the face you would need Sculptra injections in order to achieve your desired results. The FDA has approved Sculptra Aesthetic to give patients results for up to two years. This makes it a long-lasting option compared to most other facial rejuvenation treatments.

What is the treatment process like?

When you receive a Sculptra Aesthetic treatment, the solution is a powder and sterile water mixture. This liquifies the solution and makes it injectable. The mixture is formulated many days prior to the day of the treatment. This way, the product can be dispersed properly. Another ingredient added to the mix is lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic which helps to ease the pain during injection.

What is the recovery process like?

Once the procedure is over, you may experience some minor discomfort and soreness. Tylenol can be consumed to alleviate these symptoms as they occur. Meanwhile, you will see a minor difference in appearance right away. This is actually the sterile water being absorbed in the body. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for the water to be completely absorbed. Afterward, strategically positioned particles are left behind.

The full results will not be immediate. In fact, it may take longer than other dermal filler injections because your body needs time to produce more collagen. Some people see results after at least eight weeks from the date of the procedure, while others must wait up to six months. During this time, gradual changes in the appearance of your skin will be noticeable.

After each injection, a specific type of massage is needed in the affected area. It must be done for five minutes each time, five times each day for up to five days. Finally, you will probably experience bruising and swelling on a temporary basis.

To reduce the chances of getting these symptoms, begin by taking Arnica Montana about one to two weeks before getting the injection.



2-3 years


minimal downtime


Treatment Time
60-120 minutes


Estimated Price
$800 / per vial


Allurant Medical Spa
by Dr. Kat Khorrami MD



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Sculptra Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is a Good Candidate for Sculptra Treatment?

Women and men who are concerned with the loss of volume due to weight loss and aging are most likely a candidate for Sculptra. Although the majority of Sculptra patients are middle-aged, men and women, patients anywhere between the ages of 25 and 75 have experienced great results from Sculptra treatment. You should schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kat Khorrami prior to treatment to make sure that Sculptra treatment is the right for you.

What Areas can be Treated with Sculptra?

The most popular Sculptra treatment areas are Sunken cheeks and Temples.

Other areas treated by Sculptra are:

  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Chests
  • Buttocks
How Much Does Sculptra Cost & How Much Will I Need?

Each vial of Sculptra is $695. A complimentary 30 min consultation with Dr. Kat Khorrami is required a week before the treatment to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment and how many vials is needed. The generally speaking, one vial Sculptra is needed per decade of life. If you are in your 50’s for example, you will need 5 vials but it could be more or less depending your volume loss.

We require full payment before a Sculptra treatment because Sculptra must be mixed 1 week prior to the appointment. if Sculptra mixed solution is not used at that time, it needs to be disposed.

A maximum of 2 vials of Sculptra can be injected per treatment. You need to come in for at least two treatments, with 4 to 6 weeks in between each treatment.

When Will I See Results?

Sculptra uses your own boy’s ability to naturally build your own collagen in the skin therefor, the results are not immediate. Depending your age and the degree of volume loss, it could take your skin 3 to 6 months to build collagen. You will continue noticing improvement where it peaks at 9 months.

If you need instant gratification, Sculptra is not for you. and we suggest to use dermal fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. But you are willing be patient, the results are incomparable to anything else and are absolutely amazing. It is worth the wait.

How Long Does Sculptra results Last?

Once the series of Sculptra treatments are completed, Sculptra results will last 2-3 years. Take in consideration that most dermal fillers only last a year so Sculptra is considered a great investment.

What is the Downtime?

There is no downtime. Sculptra treatment doesn’t take a long time to perform, somewhere around 60 to 90 min. After the treatment, most patients resume their normal daily activities. You could experience some redness and swelling at the injection sites that will generally goes away couple of days. Itching, tenderness, and bruising are some other common side-effects.

Besides Sculptra, Allurant Medical offers dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane that smooth lines and wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. When injected into different sagging or marked with lines and wrinkles area of the face, it softens it by adding volume to those areas.