Discovering the Benefits and Technology of the Femilift CO2 laser

Femilift CO2 involves using laser technology to help restore the health and vitality of the vaginal tissue. With laser vaginal rejuvenation many vaginal problems can be resolved and Dr. Kat has had the privilege of helping many women using the Femilift procedure.

What Is the Femilift Procedure?

Femilift uses a laser technology that stimulates vaginal tissue to improve its blood flow, build collagen, and thicken the mucosal wall. This treatment helps improve a multitude of vaginal problems as well as maintain the health of the vaginal tissue.

The Femilift Laser is completely non invasive, non painful, and safe to use. It aids with feminine issues such as vaginal dryness, involuntary urination, painful intercourse, and more.

This device is the gold standard in the industry for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, an effective treatment for any and all women.

With fractional CO2 laser technology, Femilift creates a profound impact for the rebuilding of collagen in the vagina without triggering any harsh ablation and therefore is a good solution for all women.

What are Femilift’s Benefits?

  • Patient-centered practices: All Treatments are controlled, gentle, and designed for accuracy and comfort.
  • Maximum Accuracy: Femilift technology uses ideal pulse and wavelength to ensure the best possible results.
  • Higher Efficiency: Femilift delivers effective and quick transmission of the laser’s energy.
  • Simple, efficient, and safe: The process is secure, painless and quick while producing very powerful results.
  • Focused Delivery: The laser energy is focused through a patented lens technology, allowing maximum results to the treated tissue without damaging surrounding tissue.

Who Is the Femilift Procedure For?

The Femilift Procedure is a treatment for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation that is non invasive for women that are experiencing:

  • If the patient has a wide or loose vagina.
  • If the patient suffers from urinary incontinence or enuresis.
  • If the patient has a dry vagina.
  • If the patient has painful intercourse.
  • If the patient has thinning vaginal walls.
  • If the patient suffers from regular vaginal infections.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Undergo The Femilift procedure:

  • If you are currently experiencing active level genital infections.
  • If you have a specific type of medical disease such as uncontrolled diabetes or scleroderma.
  • If you are taking medication for blood thinning.
  • If you have cancer or are pregnant.
  • If you have stage 2 or more prolapse of the pelvic organ.

Femilift Laser Technology

This technology is top of the line and involves using a laser to do the job.

Femilift has a holographic lens that then supplies laser CO2 energy to vaginal tissue and these beams of lasers penetrate into deep layers of the vaginal tissues without harming surrounding tissue. A 360 degree capacity probe is inserted in the vagina for a 10 minute procedure done in the office. This procedure is done without surgery, recovery time, or anesthetics and is practically painless.

As a result of this procedure the inner lining of the vaginal wall heals more quickly and targeted tissues are rejuvenated in the micro-ablative based process which constricts existing tissue fibers, and promotes new growth of collagen.

Femilift at Allurant Medical

Allurant Medical is a provider of Femilift and will make your experience safe and comfortable with the help of a highly trained medical professional. Contact us for a Femilift treatment today.