Which Body Contouring Non Surgical Procedure is Better? Evolve or CoolSculpting?

Evolve Tite, Trim and Tone offers a body contouring procedure that uses heat, RF, and electromagnetic stimulation to tone and tighten the area for muscle groups. In comparison CoolSculpting cools the fat mechanically to reduce overall amount of fat. We recommend Evolve for a more complete sculpting experience which you can personalize with the different Evolve technologies.

Evolve is a strong competitor for CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting freezes fat to trim you down and Evolve uses heat to reduce fat and tighten skin using electrical muscle stimulation. Read a comparison of the two below.

How the Body Contouring Technology Evolve Works

Evolve contouring technology works by treating a chosen muscle group, eventually building and toning muscle, losing fat and tightening skin in the same area.

Evolve Tite is for skin tightening; targeting top layers of skin with heat that is well controlled and helps stimulate a higher production of collagen making your skin firm, tight and younger looking.

Evolve Trim uses customized depth RF energy heating sub skin fat layers with controlled temperature, destroying fat cells without any discomfort.

Evolve Tone uses a light shock from electromagnet stimulation, toning the muscles as if you’ve done a workout routine with a very large amount of crunches. This in repeat treatments create a strong abdomen muscle build.

The treatment experience you receive will be similar either with CoolSculpting or Evolve Trim.

In comparison, both treatments are completely non invasive, pain free and involve a similar amount of time waiting for the procedure to finish with results appearing in about the same time frame.

Both are non invasive. They both have an applicator applied to the treatment area and take less than an hour. The only difference is that Evolve creates results in a few weeks and CoolSculpting creates a difference in a few months.

CoolSculpting uses cold temperature, and Evolve uses RF radiofrequency energy for a completely controllable warm temperature.

Evolve is similar to Coolsculpting, and uses RF energy deep below the top layer to kill fat cells. Both have comparable results with one using hot and one using cold to kill fat cells.

The only difference is the warmth of Evolve is slightly more comfortable than coldness from Coolsculpt.

CoolSculpting is not able to match Evolve muscle toning and skin tightening effects.

Evolve trifectas effects include skin tightening, fat loss, and muscle toning while CoolSculpting only works for removing fat. Evolve Trim removes fat just like CoolSculpting but with heat instead.

Evolve Tite and Tone, in comparison to Trim, offer completely different body contouring and focus on firming skin and stimulating muscle, instead of killing fat cells for toned muscles and more youthful skin.

Please consult a board certified surgeon for cosmetics in order to learn your options including surgical to non-surgical level procedures.

Surgeons will be able to discuss your goals and possible obstacles you may need to mention before your procedure. Evolve technologies can create a number of different results which can be personalized while in comparison CoolSculpting only creates one result of reducing fat.

How to Choose the Right Procedure for Body Contouring

If you are unsure which one to choose, you may talk to a surgeon about your needs, and this can sometimes include procedures other than Evolve or CoolSculpt.

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If you are interested in skin tightening, muscle building, toning and fat loss results created by the top of the line Evolve technology, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Allurant Medical and book a time to consult and receive this treatment.