Four Techniques to Boost Your Self–Esteem After Childbirth!

Giving birth to a baby is a highly positive experience however you may not feel the way you did before. Feeling different after having your baby is normal and getting a treatment can help you feel the same way you did before, and help you boost your overall self-esteem. Increase your confidence, intimacy and any other aspect that you might feel missing in your current life after giving birth with these 4 tips!

Increase Your Overall Self-Esteem after Giving Birth with These 4 Great Techniques!

1. Try Involving Your Baby Into Each of Your Workouts

You may have stubborn weight since having your baby and if you can’t get back to a normal routine of exercise this can affect your confidence.

You can choose to care for the baby and get exercise by incorporating the baby into a routine. Mothers sometimes do light exercise while holding the baby, or other types of exercise work well also.

2. Follow a Simple Skin Care Routine

Taking care of a baby may mean having less time to attend to a beauty routine. This doesn’t have to be true however. Choose to take care of your skin by finding an easy skin routine. BB creams can give skin a lighter tint and look like foundation while also moisturizing the skin. Sometimes you can choose to add blush to the apples of your cheeks so even if you haven’t slept since the baby was born you can look fresh.

3. Don’t Neglect Your Nutrition

Sometimes mothers can lose overall track of nutrition when caring for their baby. Remember that you must feed yourself well in order to maintain strength, and the body rewards you for keeping it more nourished.

Try to incorporate vegetables and fruits in your diet daily. If you are making your baby’s food choose to make some for yourself to get food to fuel the day.

4. A Femilift Treatment

Limited time with your significant other can happen but it doesn’t need to diminish entirely. Sometimes childbirth causes loss of vaginal tone and sensation. The Femilift treatment is a high level CO2 laser by Alma that applies thermal energy to the vagina to revitalize its mucosa and leaves you with tightening and lubricating effects. This procedure only takes 10 minutes, and only one treatment is needed to feel results.

Intimacy does not need to nap after a baby arrives. With a fast and easy Femilift procedure you may recharge intimacy and boost self-esteem. Request a treatment with Allurant Medical Spa today.