How Is the BBL Procedure Done?

The BBL treatment is a surgical process, and uses your own body fat in order to create a rounder, higher, and fuller buttocks. There are no implants or foreign materials placed in the body. Augmentation of the buttocks through injecting fat is a specialized procedure where we transfer fat to the buttocks or hips. This process requires removing excess fat from one of the areas of the hip, abdomen, lower back, or thigh regions through liposuction. After the fat is removed it is then transferred into the targeted areas.

The surgeon uses a majority of the fat that is removed from the undesired area to then be injected into the buttocks area, with minimal amounts then used for any surrounding areas to create the desired shape. An expert cosmetic surgeon can sculpt your lower body for the BBL, utilizing all measures to create your ideal proportions. This buttock augmentation uses fat transfer to lose any undesired fat while also improving the appearance of the buttocks, creating results that will last.

Is This Procedure Worth it?

It is responsible to ask questions with any cosmetic procedure, and at Allurant we’re here to help medify any potential worries or concerns. This procedure is a serious but highly effective augmentation to the buttocks. Through these injections of fat, a perky and prominent glute area can create a sensuous body profile. Every client is unique and should consider the advantages and disadvantages of this one day procedure.


  • A more perky and prominent buttocks area
  • The buttocks may appear to look more youthful and firm
  • Ones own fat being harvested has less probability for complications and infection.
  • Liposuction will remove the fat from the desired area creating two optimal physical improvements.
  • Through the liposuction process the surgeon can contour the site where fat is borrowed for a leaner appearance.


  • Depending on the client there may be limited fat available to be liposuctioned into the glutes.
  • Although this procedure has lasting effects the recovery period is one to highly consider. Which is around four to six weeks to heal.
  • The healing process requires minimal pressure or sitting on the buttocks for two to three weeks.
  • An insight on advantages and disadvantages will spearhead the decision process allowing a more informative decision when deciding if the BBL procedure is right for you!

Is the BBL Safe?

The BBL procedure also known as a gluteal augmentation, is a technique that has improved a great deal since it’s origin. Studies in the past decade have shown that any damage to the veins may create superficial fat embolisms. When this fat is injected it can create an excellent outcome aesthetically. This procedure is done with sterile operating instruments for the safest outcome and is significantly less risky than silicone implants. Surgeons have successfully completed the BBL under local anesthesia allowing clients to be completely awake during their procedure. Local anesthesia during this procedure will be beneficial for the recovery process and the longterm impact of ones health. There are no known complications or death from the BBL in the United States. To better answer any questions about the safety of the BBL procedure please ask a licensed and qualified expert in the field.

How can I get Wider Hips and a Bigger Bum?

A great way for a healthy initiative towards bigger glutes is by exercising and weightlifting regularly. We recommend following a detailed program targeting your glutes two to three times a week with progressive overload to best build the gluteus muscles. Testimonials show that it takes only twenty one days if the guide is followed properly to see improvements. One should keep in mind that changing the body takes consistent effort, work and time. If you have tried consistently to exercise and are not seeing results, or are unable to exercise regularly due to lifestyle, or any other injuries and limitations. There are other options such as the BBL.

How Long Will Results of the Fat Transfer Procedure Last?

Results for the BBL fat transfer procedure are practically permanent. If you follow the post procedure protocol well the results are long lasting for years. This includes maximizing the survival of the fat through proper technology that will harvest fat. Then the fat is transferred and it is important that the fat survives as not all of the transplanted fat survives in these conditions. Even in a straightforward procedure there may still be complications, therefore it is important to have a person that has skill and expertise in order to do the procedure properly.

It is important to note that a portion of transferred fat is reabsorbed, and the rest of the fat goes into a healing process. The healing process takes around three months after the surgery, and after that time it will be considered permanently transplanted. If you take good care of your body and glutes after the augmentation it will contribute to the high life expectancy of the BBL. You only need to follow precautions thoroughly after undergoing the BBL procedure for the aloted time.

Where can I Find an Affordable and Effective BBL Procedure?

Harvesting fat is a involved and intricate process so you should choose a certified and experienced surgeon. Finding such a person may feel daunting, however, patients looking for a cheaper alternative may experience serious problems such as, infections, and extreme medical emergencies.

Here at Allurant Medical you are in good hands with our certified and experienced doctor. Our surgeons will make sure the appropriate amount and quality of fat is kept for an effective fat transfer procedure. When done correctly with our surgeon it will be a single procedure. There is no need for any follow up BBL procedures or replacements. The BBL is a single procedure that will will give you both the dream buttocks you are looking for while keeping it the most natural and cohesive with your body.

Book a consultation with a qualified surgeon today by calling us at 858-222-1444, or visit our website for more information on BBL procedures or any other fat transfer procedure you may like.