How many emails did you get from companies honoring International Women’s Day? No doubt a few. Unfortunately, most of it is lip service. Oftentimes, companies pay homage to days of note because it’s politically correct. At Allurant, we do things differently. We offer lip services to beautify your lips, but we don’t write insincere blogs, emails, or social posts. So, we want to help you discover what International Women’s Day means to you and offer you five ways to make it count. But first, let’s learn more about how International Women’s Day started in the first place.

International Women’s Day — 101

International Woman’s Day is fraught with controversy, and there’s still some question as to its origins, but this article doesn’t cover that. We want to help you find unique ways to honor this fantastic day of women’s equality.

The first “official” gathering began with National Women’s Day, a celebration held in New York City on February 28, 1909. Then Europe caught on to the notion of a “woman’s day.” March 19, 1911, marked the first International Woman’s Day, and more than 1 million people attended rallies around the globe.

COVID-19 has made this year especially challenging, yet women and gender-nonconforming folks have continued to persevere, fight back and overcome the odds stacked against them. This year, Kamala Harris became theUnited States’ first female vice president, and there are countless other female victories.


5 Unique Ways to Celebrate

If you want to honor this special day, here are five ways to engage on a profound level:

1. Embrace and Celebrate Your Feminine Energy

Your feminine energy allows you to notice the beauty and wonder in yourself, others, and your surroundings; pay attention to that power today. Take some time to connect with it and celebrate it. Help another to recognize beauty where they may not have seen it before. Because experiencing beauty is our gateway to feelings of love toward ourselves and others. And love promotes understanding, kindness, and tolerance.

2. Help a Sistah Out

One profound way you can celebrate International Women’s Day is by uplifting another woman. Do you know a female who’s struggling to make ends meet, in need of a mentor, or could use some encouragement? You probably do.

Choose a girl or woman and give them your time. See what they need that you can provide to uplift them and give them a step up.

3. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer for an organization that helps women or girls. It’s a less personal but equally rewarding version of number one that can have far-reaching, beneficial results. But, don’t just give money — give of yourself. And try to find an organization that moves womankind forward. Here a few .orgs’ to get you started:

4. Empty Your Closet

If you’re like most people, you have clothing you haven’t worn in a year or two– maybe more. Today is a fantastic day to peruse your clothing and donate anything of quality that could help another woman.

High-quality business attire is an essential element of a successful job interview. But, if you’re economically challenged, it’s near impossible to attain lovely clothing. So, go through your closet and donate items you haven’t worn or that don’t fit directly to an organization that helps women advance their careers or clothe them for job interviews.

But be diligent in your pursuit of unused clothing. Unless it’s a seasonal item, if you haven’t worn something in six-months, pass it on. Or take number three one step further and buy an underprivileged woman an entirely new outfit.

5. Promote and Uplift Women in STEM

Currently, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding women in STEM. That’s because the sciences are where it’s at. Even though women earn more than fifty-percent of bachelor’s degrees and about half of the science and engineering degrees, there is still a disparity within the STEM concentrations.

And we need to change that! According to the Institute of Competition Sciences, one way to do so is to introduce a girl to girl-focused STEM competitions. “These offer the opportunity for girls to find STEM mentors and connect with other girls with similar STEM interests. Forming these networks early on will be especially helpful later when they’re applying for college, internships, and jobs.”

Your Takeaways

A day like International Womens’ Day shouldn’t pass by with barely a glance. The acknowledgment is essential to womens’ equality and the success of women globally. So, pick one or several ways to celebrate off our list and make this day matter.

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