Fat Transfer to Breast



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Transfer Your Own Fat to Your Breasts, and Sculpt Your Waist, Upper, and Lower Abdomen at Once!

Abdomen and waist sculpting is a procedure that targets special fat pockets SculpTite is very effective for. Extra fat is developed sometimes gradually to the waist and pelvic region and can be difficult to reduce or conceal. SculpTite sculpts the waist and abdomen region into more of an hourglass figure, and patients commonly choose to transfer their fat to their breasts or buttocks for a more comprehensive procedure. This leaves practically no scars and SculpTite is much more precise, controlled, and pain-free than liposuction. This procedure creates immediate changes and is good for young mothers or older women.

SculpTite transfers fat from the body to sculpt the body and shape the breast. The SculpTite breast enhancement uses a biopsy punch tool to make a 2mm hole, then lasers soften the fat and SculpTite technology plucks fat by the cell to remove and transfer fat. Patented technology is used with tried and true body sculpting techniques. Safely transfer fat and shape symmetric breasts. This procedure is mostly permanent and proportions are the same even with some weight gain.

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