Starter Package

$75/ Week For The First Month


  • Save 40% off your first 4 injections
  • Regular price $125 per injection/ week
  • Personalized lifestyle, diet, and exercise recommendations
  • Personalized prescription medication and best practices to meet your goals

*Blood work required $250 (not included)


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Participant Requisites May Require You To:

  • Your eligibility will be primarily determined during your consultation with Dr. Kat Khorrami
  • Be 18+ years old
  • Have excess body fat that you have had trouble to lose despite diet and exercise
  • Be able to attend monthly appointments with the option of weekly follow ups to receive injections of Semaglutide
  • Monthly appointments with Dr. Kat to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments
  • Ongoing education and support during your weekly appointments to achieve and maintain your weight loss results
  • Be okay with regular documentation of weight, body measurements, as well as before and after photos of your abdomen to measure progress


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