Remove Fat from any area & Transfer to Sculpt your Dream Butt

Brazilian Butt Lift San Diego

Why is a Sculptite® Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) the Best in San Diego?

Have you heard of the Brazilian Butt Lift, also referred to as BBL? The Brazilian Butt Lift has become the biggest aesthetic trend with celebrities! It is a natural way to sculpt and volumize your booty! It works by removing fat from undesired areas and placing it in desired areas. The Brazilian Butt Lift will give you the perfect peach you’ve always wanted, with life long results!

The Brazilian Buttlift with SculpTite uses numbing, a biopsy punch tool to make a small hole, and finally lasers to soften fat and pluck it out cell by cell. A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is fast, easy, and we use tried and true body sculpting and fat transferring techniques for a better shaped symmetrical butt, leaving results that are practically permanent.

What is fat transfer and what does it have to do with the Brazilian Butt Lift? A fat transfer gives you the ability to remove unwanted fat from different parts of your body. The fat cells are your own bodies material, so there is no chance of rejection. Doctor Kat is able to sculpt the fat in a flattering way, giving you a perky lifted booty! A fat transfer will give you more permanent results vs exercise alone.

We also offer a Skinny BBL for those who may be on the thinner side and may need to transfer fat from multiple areas at once. In rare cases if you don’t have enough fat to transfer, you may be asked to gain weight until there is enough to transfer.

Whatever your situation may be, we are commited to helping you reach your goals!


Smooths cellulite
Improves skin texture
Adds volume
Corrects hollow contours
Improves appearance of stretch marks
Lifts & shapes the buttock & hips


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if I’m a Candidate for a Brazilian Fat Transfer BBL?

You are a good candidate for a fat transfer BBL (Brazilian butt lift in San Diego) if you have a pinchable amount of fat to be transferred to the buttocks and if you are looking for reshaped buttocks. We have No BMI or age restrictions.

Where Do You Usually Take Fat From for a BBL?

We usually take fat from the stomach area for a Brazilian Butt Lift in San Diego. Any area can be used, the most common are stomach and back for enough fat for the buttocks and sometimes inner thighs and arms.

How Do Buttock Implants vs SculpTite BBL Compare?

SculpTite BBL creates a more naturally shaped look and is practically permanent. BBL also retain shape better than buttock implants. SculpTite is safer, with better results and it lasts longer. There is no anesthesia or painful recovery compared to butt implants and you avoid the medical risk of silicone implants. Brazilian Butt Lift also looks more natural, and the buttocks never lose their shape.

How Many Cc’s Can I Transfer for Natural Buttock Transfer?
You may transfer as much as you want. This depends on what your goals are; if you want rounder buttocks you will need less fat than if you want projection and fullness to your buttocks.
What Entry Points Are Made for Buttock Fat Transfer?
Entry points are made in the body’s natural creases and the scars are as small as a freckle. They are made on the side of each leg right under the hip, between the butt cheek and the thigh, underneath the buttocks, under the banana roll and lastly above the crease of the buttocks.
Are There BMI Requirements for Getting a BBL?
No BMI requirements are set for SculpTite procedures.
How Long Does the Procedure Take?
The BBL takes about 2 hours to finish.
What Is the Downtime for a BBL?

The downtime is 48 hours, and we recommend not sitting for long and not returning to exercise for a short while. You may leave by yourself right after the procedure and return to regular life shortly within 3 to 5 days after the procedure, but you can’t go to the gym for up to two weeks unless advised differently by the surgeon. We advise not to sleep in any way that applies pressure to the area for two weeks or put any pressure on the area in general.

Am I Able to Sit Down Following a BBL?

You may sit down but we advise you to use a special pillow for the first few weeks after brazilian butt lift treatment.

Do I Need to Get Massages After a BBL?
No, you do not need any massages.
How Long Would I Have to Stay Off My Buttocks?
You need to stay off your buttocks for 2 weeks. You should sleep on your stomach and use a special pillow to sit down.
When Can I Resume Exercise?
We ask to wait 2 weeks before exercise, however you may begin taking light walks right away.
Can I Sleep on My Backside Following the BBL Procedure?

No, you must sleep on your tummy for two to three weeks after the BBL.

Are My Results Permanent?
The results are completely permanent following an initial reabsorption period of the fat which takes a couple weeks or so. As long as you keep a relatively healthy lifestyle you will not gain fat in the area.

Dramatic weight fluctuations could possibly affect results however your newly acquired proportions will remain basically intact.

How Will the Doctor Make the Buttocks Appear Proportional?
The SculpTite technology is very careful and mechanized and it plucks fat by the cell and painlessly transfers it elsewhere. Surgeons carefully shape the fat by removing just the right amount of material needed for balanced results and we minimize infection risks or side effects.
Do I Have to Wait to Fly Home After My Procedure?
Yes, please wait 48 hours before flying home.
Could I Remove the Fat from My Buttocks and Transfer It Elsewhere?
We do not offer a buttock fat removal procedure. We do however offer fat removal for the banana roll area underneath the buttocks.
Could I Use Someone Else’s Reserves of Fat for My Procedure?
A successful fat transfer must be with your own fat. This may come from the stomach or from other areas.
Do I Have to Gain Fat for the BBL if I Don’t Currently Have Enough?
We need a certain amount of fat that is pinchable to do the procedure. We do not recommend gaining weight to get a fat transfer procedure.
Could I Make My Buttocks Wider?
Yes, that is possible with this procedure.
Can I Target the Tailbone and Do a BBL in a Single Session?
Yes, that is very easy to do and will accentuate the feminine curvature.
Could I Do the Buttocks Sides for My Hip Dip and a BBL?
Yes, we can do this. This rounds out the backside while sculpting the hourglass figure you want and simultaneously filling in hip dips.
How Is the SculpTite Procedure for Fat Transfer Safer Than Any Other Natural Fat Transfer?
SculpTite technology is much less abrasive than liposuction and much more precise while avoiding general anesthesia. Liposuction uses manual tools and creates lumpy asymmetrical changes while SculpTite technology creates exact symmetrical results even if the patient’s physical shape was unbalanced before the treatment.
What Influences Survival Rate for Grafted Fat?
SculpTite’s technology closed purification system ensures the best cells are harvested and there is reduced risk of infection and better fat survival rate. Surgeons will talk to the patient about the right amount of fat to be removed and transferred accounting for natural reabsorption and goals.
What Type of Scar Should I Expect?
A freckle sized one hidden in a fold.
If My Buttocks Are Uneven, May I Transfer Fat to Only a Single Buttock if Necessary?
Yes, you may do this. SculpTite technology is very precise and accurate and able to do this effectively.
Could I Still Have Sexual Intercourse After the Procedure?
Yes, you may but you should take some time off to heal first. You need to wait at least 2 weeks of avoiding pressure on the buttocks.
Will the Size of My Waist Be Subject to Change?
If fat is removed from the lower abs or flanks, then waist size could change. Otherwise, waist size should not be impacted.
Can Men Get a BBL?
Yes, men can get this procedure. You can transfer abdominal fat to the buttocks, hips, or hands.
How Much of a Lift Could I Expect From the Power BBL?
Not very much but there is a slimming factor to this procedure. A lifting surgery would be more effective if a lift is needed.
Does My Age Affect Results?
No, but you must be over 18 years of age to do the procedure.
When Can I Start Swimming After a BBL?
You may start swimming after one month.
How Is Fat Purified for the Fat Transfer Procedure?
Fat is purified through the machine and then transferred. The fat is altered only a miniscule amount before being transferred in order to keep its integrity. All we do to the fat is add antibiotics before it is injected, and we also use a gravitational energy system to separate high quality fat from the rest using the closed loop purification system.
Is This Procedure Painful?
This procedure is not painful at all. Very little pain is felt only in vibrations. We also provide painkillers and numbing cream beforehand and laughing gas is offered if you feel you need it. The process is often described as if the patient is experiencing a deep tissue massage. SculpTite is minimally invasive, and recovery is much less painful than liposuction.
What Is the Aftercare Like for the BBL Procedure?
Aftercare requires following simple instructions given by the surgeon. You must wait 2 weeks before starting strenuous exercise again, but you should take light walks right away to help circulation in the body. Also, we advise you to wear the garment and pillow cushion for at least two weeks. Recovery is otherwise the same as other treatments with SculpTite.
How Can I Prepare for a BBL Procedure?
You must listen to your surgeons’ specific instructions. Blood thinners, ibuprofen, aspirin, and omegas must be avoided before treatment however you may take Tylenol. You must also avoid applying any lotion or body creams to the treated area and must avoid consuming any caffeine or tobacco on the day of the surgery and no alcohol the day before. If you have diabetes, please bring your glucose testing meter and testing strips so we may test your levels pre procedure. Please also pick up any medications you may need before coming in but do not take any. We also recommend dark loose clothing and eating a large meal before arriving to the procedure so that medications are not taken on an empty stomach.
What Is the Cost for a SculpTite BBL Procedure?
This depends on the amount of fat you want to remove, location you choose to treat, and the complexity of your treatment plan. Transferring fat is typically around $5000 on top of the cost of fat removal.
Could I Combine a Fat Transfer BBL With a Stomach Fat Removal?
Yes, you may. You may choose to receive the fat from the stomach. This is a good option for recent mothers to get back their pre-baby body.
Where Can I Get SculpTite Procedures Done?
At Allurant Medical Spa. Our office is in Carmel Valley San Diego, CA.
How Does SculpTite Offer the Best Doctor and Surgeons for BBL’s?
We have the best technology and experience. Our patented technology uses an unparalleled amount of precision in the process of sculpting the body and our surgeons are well trained professionals in the medical field. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is made safer by the precision accuracy that is provided by SculpTite, and our surgeons have a keen eye for body contouring procedures.
Can I Wear a Butt Lifting Garment After the Procedure?
Yes, after a certain amount of time. You may wear buttock lifting garments as long as you have finished wearing the compression garments offered by your surgeon.

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24-48 Hour Downtime

Natural-Looking Results

No Scalpels or Stitches



Awake the Entire Time

Less Than 24 Hours of Downtime

SculpTite contours the shape of the body so delicately that patients may be able to return back to work a day after treatment. The procedure when compared to a more invasive one is easy and doesn’t mean weeks of healing downtime and having to drain for any excess fluids. Recovery is faster and also the results will appear as soon as the operation is finished.

Be Awake for the Entire Process

Allurant Medical does not use any general anesthesia methods meaning patients are awake for the entire operation with ease, listening to songs or even chatting with their friend, nurse or surgeon. Local anesthesia is used which can reduce risk and make patients maneuver around during the treatment which ensures well-balanced results.

No Use of Scalpels or Stitches

SculpTite does not use scalpels as they create large-sized incisions. Instead it has a punch tool used for biopsies, which is only two millimeters in width which creates entryways that are healed with a dissolvable suture. The entry points in the end only look like small marks that look like freckles and surgeons will also strategically work to hide them in natural body folds or creases to be better concealed.

Get Results in Only One Session

Some procedures require multiple sessions and long time procedures and these outcomes can tend to not produce exceptional results. At Allurant we are able to provide the same service in only one treatment and reach permanent lasting results. Patients can walk out the door right away looking dramatically better in no time.

Beautiful Results With a Natural Look

SculpTite can either remove fat or transfer it as well. The patented top-of-the-line technology creates outcomes with a natural look, accentuating your body’s natural curves and also creating the desired proportion. In addition to this, SculpTite creates a higher result with the skin, leaving the skin of the treated area tighter than it was before. You now get to skip the invasive procedure of lifting the skin!


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BBL: Radiesse Buttlift

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“Liquid butt lift”: Smooth cellulite, improve texture, and add volume with Sculptra.