SculpTite The Figure You Originally Wanted

Even Out Liposuction Mistakes and Asymmetries

We can correct any mistakes from liposuction easily with SculpTite. This includes lumps, contour problems and over suctioning. This is done effectively because SculpTite technology has high amounts of control for removing fat and tightening skin.

In liposuction, surgeons are given a guessing game by having to guess the amount of fat that needs to be removed and they have to use a blunt tool called a cannula to scrape fat manually from the trouble area. This abrasive motion often causes bumps, scarring, or contour asymmetries.

SculpTite offers surgeons the technology to precisely decide how much fat can be removed and is great with skin tightening. We smooth asymmetries and remove any irregularities with high accuracy. We are also able to remedy irregularities or dents in the fat layer with a technique for fat grafting, dispersing the amount of fat you may need for each individual dent. We are also able to treat any scar tissue that could have developed with power buffing using SculpTite.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Remove Fat From on My Body With the SculpTite Procedure?
We can remove fat from any body area between the ankles and chin.
Where Am I Not Allowed to Remove Fat From on My Body With the SculpTite Procedure?
Anywhere below the ankles or above the chin cannot have fat removed.
How Much Fat Can Be Removed With the SculpTite Procedure?
The state law allows us to remove up to five liters of fat per session.
Can You Smooth Out the Fat Lumps I Received From Past Treatments?
Yes, the SculpTite procedure uses sophisticated technology that can smooth and flatten fat lumps.
Can I Get a Smoother Look With the SculpTite Procedure Versus the Liposuction Procedure?
Liposuction is too painful and offers worse results. SculpTite offers much better results because it will smooth and flatten the fatty areas without causing much pain or inconvenience. The patented SculpTite technology will target each cell to pluck fat and reverse irregularities.
Can I Use the SculpTite Procedure to Fix Previously Failed Fat Removal Procedures That Didn’t Involve Liposuction?
Yes, the SculpTite procedure is perfect for fixing problems caused by other fat removal treatments like liposuction.
Do I Need to Come Back for Additional Sessions After the SculpTite Procedure?
You only need one session because the results are permanent.
How Long Do I Have to Wait After the Initial SculpTite Procedure Before Getting a Corrective SculpTite?
You should wait a minimum of 3 to 6 months before getting the corrective SculpTite.
Which Mistakes or Problems Can the Corrective SculpTite Fix?
SculpTite can fix all mistakes made from previous fat removal attempts involving past botched procedures like liposuction.
Can I Have More Than One SculpTite Session to Fix a Massive Mistake?
No, we only perform one SculpTite session for each patient unless they want to target more than four areas on their body.
Can the SculpTite Remove Unwanted Fat Lumps Without Removing Too Much Excess Fat Underneath?
The SculpTite procedure can smooth out fat transfer lumps without affecting the subcutaneous fat.
Can I Repair My Kybella Chin With the SculpTite Procedure?
Yes, you can use SculpTite to repair whatever problems were caused by Kybella.
Can I Tighten My Skin With SculpTite?
Yes, the SculpTite procedure tightens skin to some degree. However, you may still need a separate skin tightening procedure if you’re not satisfied with the level of skin tightness.
Will I Be Able to See the Changes Made to My Body in Real-Time During the SculpTite Procedure?
Yes, we will only administer a local anesthetic, so you will be awake to witness the entire procedure.
Can I Treat My Upper Abs if I Did My Lower Abs Already?
Yes, you can choose to have the SculpTite applied to any part of your abdomen, such as the upper or lower half.
Can I Treat My Lower Abs if I Did My Upper Abs Already?
Yes, you can target whichever half of the abdomen you would like.

Micro-Procedures Correction

SculpTite® Fat Transfer Correction

Skip the Difficulties of Botched Augmentations with SculpTite

SculpTite® Injection Revision

Fix Mistakes and Remove Your Double Chin

SculpTite® Liposuction Revision

Even Out Asymmetric and Liposuction Mistakes

Benefits of SculpTite®

SculpTite® is a next-generation body contouring device considered to be minimally invasive.
It optimizes comfort, and precision, and enables us to physically pick up fat by the cell. The treatment reveals the body’s own natural contours by delicately targeting deposits of fat you want gone and also leaving areas around it intact.

24-48 Hour Downtime

Natural-Looking Results

No Scalpels or Stitches



Awake the Entire Time

Less Than 24 Hours of Downtime

SculpTite contours the shape of the body so delicately that patients may be able to return back to work a day after treatment. The procedure when compared to a more invasive one is easy and doesn’t mean weeks of healing downtime and having to drain for any excess fluids. Recovery is faster and also the results will appear as soon as the operation is finished.

Be Awake for the Entire Process

Allurant Medical does not use any general anesthesia methods meaning patients are awake for the entire operation with ease, listening to songs or even chatting with their friend, nurse or surgeon. Local anesthesia is used which can reduce risk and make patients maneuver around during the treatment which ensures well-balanced results.

No Use of Scalpels or Stitches

SculpTite does not use scalpels as they create large-sized incisions. Instead it has a punch tool used for biopsies, which is only two millimeters in width which creates entryways that are healed with a dissolvable suture. The entry points in the end only look like small marks that look like freckles and surgeons will also strategically work to hide them in natural body folds or creases to be better concealed.

Get Results in Only One Session

Some procedures require multiple sessions and long time procedures and these outcomes can tend to not produce exceptional results. At Allurant we are able to provide the same service in only one treatment and reach permanent lasting results. Patients can walk out the door right away looking dramatically better in no time.

Beautiful Results With a Natural Look

SculpTite can either remove fat or transfer it as well. The patented top-of-the-line technology creates outcomes with a natural look, accentuating your body’s natural curves and also creating the desired proportion. In addition to this, SculpTite creates a higher result with the skin, leaving the skin of the treated area tighter than it was before. You now get to skip the invasive procedure of lifting the skin!


The SculpTite Difference

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