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Perfect Breasts With Sculptite

SculpTite transfers fat from the body to sculpt the body and shape the breast. The SculpTite breast enhancement uses a biopsy punch tool to make a 2mm hole, then lasers soften the fat and SculpTite technology plucks fat by the cell to remove and transfer fat. Patented technology is used with tried and true body sculpting techniques. Safely transfer fat and shape symmetric breasts. This procedure is mostly permanent and proportions are the same even with some weight gain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have a Breast Enhancement Procedure?

Yes, it’s called PerCup™ and it’s a natural fat transfer procedure for breast augmentation.

Can I Have This Procedure While I’m Awake?

Yes. We give you numbing creams and the technology is very gentle and painless. Patients always stay away during any SculpTite procedure including PerCup™. No general anesthesia used, and this reduces risk throughout the treatments.

Is This Procedure a Breast Lift?

This is a partial skin tightening procedure. However, it is also for shaping and filling the breasts. PerCup™ does provide a lifting effect in addition to augmentation. A breast lift would involve cutting out excess skin which SculpTite doesn’t do.

Where Are Entry Points Created for a Percup™?

Entry points are created above and around the nipples, and under the breast crease. This is where entry points are made with the biopsy punch tool after enough fat is harvested and treated. Once healed, the entry points leave a scar only the size of a freckle.

Can the Entry Point Hide Underneath a Bikini?

Yes, the entry points are barely noticeable, and they are hidden when wearing a bikini. The biopsy punch tool makes this entry point, and it’s made in the breast crease.

The entry points are in the breast crease called the inframammary fold and is not visible with the bikini. Entry points around the nipples are visible initially but this heals quickly and appears scarless after recovery.

Does Age Affect Results?

Age doesn’t affect PerCup™ results. Our only requirement is that you must be over 18 years old.

How Many Cc’s May I Transfer Into My Breasts?

This depends on how much harvestable fat the patient has and account that some of the grafted fat is reabsorbed after. You may transfer as much as you want, and you can talk to your surgeon about your goals.

Does PerCup™ Give You a Look That Is More Natural?

Yes, it does. SculpTite technology is very careful, precise, transfers fat with high precision, and creates a much more natural look. Breasts are mostly made of fat, so a graft procedure will allow them to look bigger, feel, and move more naturally.

Does the Fat Permanently Stay in the Breasts After a PerCup™ if You Exercise Often?

Yes, it does. After an initial reabsorption period, even with exercise or fat gain, proportions are maintained for the most part. 30% more fat must be transferred to account for the reabsorption. Results after the reabsorption is complete will be permanent even if the patient gains weight.

Does This Procedure Hurt?

No, there is very little pain as the technology is gentle and precise, however we may offer you numbing creams. The PerCup™ sensation is reported by patients feeling like an electric toothbrush vibration.

Will the Breasts and the Transferrable Fat Area Be Numbed Beforehand?

Yes, we numb the breast area and the transfer area beforehand.

How Long Should I Wear My Compression Bra?

You must wear it for as long as the surgeon recommends, which is usually two to three weeks after a PerCup™ Treatment.

Can I Work Out With the Bra?

Yes, you can work out with a bra, however, we tell you to wait at least two weeks first and we advise you to start taking walks sooner to aid circulation.

Will the Procedure Stretch My Areola?

Some patients experience a slight stretching in the areola and then return to normal after. The nipples may appear slightly larger but proportionate to other areas because the breasts are enlarged.

Will My Results Be Even?

Yes, SculpTite is very efficient at making symmetrical results even if your breasts were asymmetrical before the procedure and you may talk to your surgeon about any of your goals. SculpTite is very accurate and leaves no guessing to surgeons for what quantities of fat are transferred.

Our top of the line technology is used to make perfect proportional results. The rapid spin mechanism makes it so surgeons don’t have to guess the amounts of fat needed to be transferred and exact quantities are transferred with mechanical precision. We also take special care of our patient’s body goals or any asymmetries that were preexisting for perfectly balanced proportions.

How Long Is Healing Time for the PerCup™ Procedure?

A few months. You may return to work within 3 to 5 days of your fat transfer, and you may return to the gym after 2 weeks. You must also avoid sleeping or adding pressure to the area for two weeks. Total results can take up to 6 months to completely show.

Should I Expect Bruising and Swelling After the Breast Fat Transfer?

Yes, but it is very minimal especially compared to liposuction. These effects should dissipate within a couple weeks to a month.

Can a Patient Who Had Breast Cancer Get This Procedure?

Yes, as long as the patient’s cancer doctor approves. We can even treat only one breast to improve asymmetries and the only condition is that the area to place the fat must be free of scarring.

If I Have Silicone Implants, Can I Still Have a Fat Transfer?

You can still do a PerCup™ but you will have to remove your implants before we treat you as we do not do it ourselves. We may fill the pocket where the implant was formerly residing to naturally augment breasts.

Can I Get the PerCup™ Before Pregnancy?

Yes. We cannot perform the PerCup™ procedure during pregnancy or breastfeeding, however.

Can I Breastfeed After Getting the PerCup™ Procedure?

Yes, you may breastfeed after the PerCup™ procedure as long as you have already completely recovered. Women get this procedure to help with breast sagginess after breastfeeding as well.

How Would Breastfeeding After This Procedure Affect the Shape of the Breasts?

Breastfeeding can cause breasts to sag a little. If you had a PerCup™ before breastfeeding, you may experience some changes but not as much as if you didn’t have PerCup™ done.

Can I Transfer Fat to the Side of or Under the Boob for a Fuller Look in Those Specific Areas?

Yes, these are goals you may discuss with your surgeon. Fat transfers with SculpTite are all fully customizable meaning that the patient may choose any part of the breast to be enhanced to their preference. We can focus on only the side of or under the breast if preferred.

If I Target My Armpit Fat and Do a PerCup™ Procedure Will This Tighten the Skin?

It will tighten your skin to a certain extent however, sometimes you may need a lift procedure. Targeting armpit fat helps tighten this region and you may also get an hourglass look if you have a broader upper body by removing back and armpit fat during the augmentation procedure as well.

How Many Appointments Do I Need Post Operation?

We require 3 post op appointments. First is within one week, the second after 3 months and the last six months after.

Where Can I Get the Procedure Done Near Me?

At Allurant Medical in Carmel Valley San Diego, CA. We have many skilled surgeons for your goals and needs.

Benefits of SculpTite®

SculpTite® is a next-generation body contouring device considered to be minimally invasive.
It optimizes comfort, and precision, and enables us to physically pick up fat by the cell. The treatment reveals the body’s own natural contours by delicately targeting deposits of fat you want gone and also leaving areas around it intact.

24-48 Hour Downtime

Natural-Looking Results

No Scalpels or Stitches



Awake the Entire Time

Less Than 24 Hours of Downtime

SculpTite contours the shape of the body so delicately that patients may be able to return back to work a day after treatment. The procedure when compared to a more invasive one is easy and doesn’t mean weeks of healing downtime and having to drain for any excess fluids. Recovery is faster and also the results will appear as soon as the operation is finished.

Be Awake for the Entire Process

Allurant Medical does not use any general anesthesia methods meaning patients are awake for the entire operation with ease, listening to songs or even chatting with their friend, nurse or surgeon. Local anesthesia is used which can reduce risk and make patients maneuver around during the treatment which ensures well-balanced results.

No Use of Scalpels or Stitches

SculpTite does not use scalpels as they create large-sized incisions. Instead it has a punch tool used for biopsies, which is only two millimeters in width which creates entryways that are healed with a dissolvable suture. The entry points in the end only look like small marks that look like freckles and surgeons will also strategically work to hide them in natural body folds or creases to be better concealed.

Get Results in Only One Session

Some procedures require multiple sessions and long time procedures and these outcomes can tend to not produce exceptional results. At Allurant we are able to provide the same service in only one treatment and reach permanent lasting results. Patients can walk out the door right away looking dramatically better in no time.

Beautiful Results With a Natural Look

SculpTite can either remove fat or transfer it as well. The patented top-of-the-line technology creates outcomes with a natural look, accentuating your body’s natural curves and also creating the desired proportion. In addition to this, SculpTite creates a higher result with the skin, leaving the skin of the treated area tighter than it was before. You now get to skip the invasive procedure of lifting the skin!


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