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When you examine your skin, you may see little growths or areas that appear different than the surrounding skin. These are known as skin lesions, which might develop anywhere on your skin. You may want a skin lesion removed if it is unattractive, irritating, or painful. Although most skin lesions are benign (noncancerous), a lesion that changes over time might need to be biopsied to test for cancer. Skin tags are smaller areas on the skin that are an annoyance and can be painful when snagged on clothes or when it rubs on other areas of the skin. Most patients desire to have them removed before they turn into a problem. If you have a skin lesion or skin tag you would like examined or removed, schedule an appointment. Most lesions can be removed in one of our treatment rooms at Allurant Regenerative Medical Spa in San Diego, CA. Using the FemiLift Pixel CO2, we can help remove the lesions with ease.


Does skin lesion removal hurt?

At your treatment appointment at Allurant Regenerative Medical Spa, you might feel a heated feeling at the treatment area. A numbing cream will be used for additional comfort. By using the customized wavelength and pulse present from the laser, patients should have a generally pleasant procedure.

How much does skin lesion removal cost?

The cost of your skin lesion removal procedure will depend on a few things, such as where you’re being treated, how big the lesion or skin tag is, and other additional factors. We will go over cost estimates at your first appointment in our San Diego, CA office.

How long will skin lesion removal take?

The skin lesion removal procedure typically takes 30 – 60 minutes. The time needed for the excision process will depend on factors, like lesion type, placement, and size. Generally, you should require one session, but additional sessions might be needed, depending on the type of lesion that is being removed.

Are skin lesions and tag removals permanent?

Skin lesion removal is usually permanent, but lesions, such as skin tags or warts, might appear on other parts of the body at different times. The FemiLift Pixel CO2 makes removal more convenient than ever so that you can schedule to come in any time.

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