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Wanting to rejuvenate your face and body is extremely common. Whether you’re trying to eliminate a scar that reminds you of an old wound, or you’re looking to tackle blemishes or lesions that are becoming a disruption to the skin’s surface, a noninvasive option is best when you’ve been dealing with consistent issues that never seem to let up. Our San Diego, CA team offers skin rejuvenation at Allurant Regenerative Medical Spa, which is an elective treatment that works to reduce the size and fix the appearance of skin flaws. By utilizing FemiLift Pixel CO2, our professionals are able to offer a nonsurgical, state-of-the-art treatment to improve and enhance your skin’s appearance.


How much does skin rejuvenation cost?

The price of a complete skin revision will be based on many aspects, including where your areas of concern are located, the sort of issue being tackled, and the size. While at your initial appointment, a member of our team at Allurant Regenerative Medical Spa will provide a cost estimate of your treatment.

Does skin rejuvenation eliminate the problem areas permanently?

Post-treatment care is essential for any type of skin issue. Patients must heed the instructed treatment care to encourage a better result for a less visible wound, blemish, or bump. While it is possible these treatments will help the treatment areas tremendously, it is possible that any problem areas on your skin will appear over time. Follow-up appointments are always recommended.

Can skin rejuvenation be combined with another procedure?

Yes. Skin rejuvenation treatment could be performed along with a dermal filler or skin resurfacing. Laser treatments are especially fitting if you are interested in treating more skin concerns, like pigmentation or uneven skin. While attending your consultation, it’s important that you bring up all your concerns so our team can help you direct attention toward your areas of interest with a specific treatment plan.

Does skin rejuvenation hurt?

Since some form of anesthesia is utilized, patients often have little to no discomfort while having treatment. After the procedure, you may feel tender, tingling sensations, or have some redness and inflammation.

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