The Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Grafting Buttock Augmentation Procedure

If you look at Annual Statistics for the year of 2021, it will show that buttock enhancement using fat injections are growing rapidly in the cosmetic surgery industry. This is an elective butt enhancement surgery that is carried out by board level certificationed surgeons. This fat grafting buttock augmentation procedure is better known as a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure (BBL). It has gained popularity increasing by 26% in between the years 2020 and 2021.

The surgery begins with the surgeon bringing out ‘donor’ fat from one part of your body, often a section where its undesired such as abdomen, or thighs, and this fat is then transferred by the surgeon into your buttocks. This procedure includes liposuction from the fat donor area, and butt augmentation, as the fat is injected into the buttocks area. With a skilled professional you are able to benefit from multiple things aside from enlargement of the buttocks. This includes: a butt tuck procedure, a shapelier buttocks area, a recontour of the entire area of the torso, and the same thing for the abdomen, waist, and thighs.

Why is the BBL so Popular these days?

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedures popularity does not come as a surprise in todays culture where we are obsessed with perky and sometimes large buttocks. Just like the breasts, the buttocks come in different shapes and sizes. Some have droopier butts, some have more curvy butts, and some have bigger butts. As you age, buttocks will lose their shape and sometimes droop. During this time of your life, surgery for the buttocks is a good remedy for this possible situation. Other butt lift or enlargement procedures require the use of implants, however the BBL achieves this with grafting of the fat and also transferring of fat. For this reason the BBL is much more popular as this creates a more natural looking result. However, the Brazilian Butt Lift is also risky sometimes. For this reason it is very important that you see a specialist that is able to perform this procedure with minimal risk.

How much of my body fat is needed for the BBL?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a process that is non surgical and is done for enlargement of the buttocks area. The fat that is required for this procedure will depend on the patient. Fat transferred into the buttocks can range from 300 to 800 milliliters for each side of your buttocks.

Successful butt tuck results can depend also on how skilled your physician is. If the BBL augmentation is not done properly, then the majority of transferred fat can be reabsorbed or otherwise lost. In this procedure you should expect most of the fat transferred into the buttocks to survive.

At Allurant Medical, the BBL is carried out safely, effectively, and affordably, and this includes any fat transfer procedures.

Is the BBL procedure safe?

Scientists have discovered that the high rate of mortality in the BBL cosmetic surgery treatment is a result of embolism of the fat that is transferred. The death rate is estimated to be around 1 in each 3000 people that get the procedure. According to studies of the deaths, people were dying because fat would get into blood vessels and then into the blood stream.

Here at Allurant, we are very careful about this. We choose to inject the fat into the buttocks at a level that is very visceral, or close to the surface of the skin. Our specialists inject fat into the butts in a very careful method, and we do not allow injections to get any deeper into the muscle planes area. A lot of the deaths that came from BBL surgery were also because they were done by practitioners that were inappropriately certified, and worked in a facility without having appropriate approval. For this reason it is important to choose a clinic that is certified and qualified for the procedure, and you should also weigh benefits and risks of the procedure before getting the BBL treatment.

Are there other uses for my body fat after getting a liposuction procedure?

Although some may believe that fat can be used in more ways, it is proper practice that any extra fat needs to be discarded as medical waste. Surgeons may harvest an amount of fat during the procedure and this can immediately be used for filler into areas of the body with soft tissues such as breasts, buttocks, face, hands, etc. Sometimes fat is also used as healing stem cells to treat various problems.

Ordinary surgeons are not able to remove fat in an easy or successful manner. Only very qualified cosmetic surgeons are able to remove your body fat in a safe manner. If all of the fat is not distributed then we must discard it as medical waste. We are not able to save fat for other uses due to safety reasons.

BBL Buttocks Fat Transfer Near Me

BBL buttocks enhancement cosmetic surgery has its many positive benefits and risk factors as well. This is the most ideal way to target the fats that exercise and diet were not able to remove. Here at Allurant Medical you can find an expert that will suit to your needs. Our experts offer a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery that is easy and affordable, and can include as well your arms, belly, buttocks, thighs, and enhancement of face shape. Even if you would rather have a tummy tuck, facelift, or breast reduction, we offer safe and effective procedures at Allurant Medical Spa. Our Doctor will make sure to inform you for anything you may need to know on topic of the BBL procedure before you decide to undergo the procedure. Receive excellent treatment with minimal risks here at Allurant Medical Spa. Call us or request an appointment today.