Is your sex life rocking your world? If not, you’re not alone. Research reveals more than 40% of women experience some form of sexual dysfunction, many women finding it challenging to orgasm with their partner, and many women never experiencing the “Big O.”  Although orgasm isn’t the only wonderful element of sex, it’s one of life’s greater pleasures. If you have an active sex life, but you’re not consistently experiencing orgasms, it could be your partner isn’t a fantastic sexual match. But, if your partner’s a keeper, the O-shot may be the magic bullet you seek.

What’s The O-shot

O-Shot is a patented name given to the naturally regenerative process of injecting PRF into the clitoris, vagina and the G-complex..Dr. Charles Runels, the self-appointed “Sex Energy Doctor,” named and patented this process: the Orgasm Shot. He also patented the Priapus-Shot, which involves the regenerative injection of PRF into the penile shaft.

The O-shot treatment involves injecting your clitoris, vaginal canal, and “G-spot” with platelet rich fibrin — a portion of your blood that contains platelets, healing proteins called growth factors, and stem cell signaling peptides. The PRF is prepared by drawing your blood in the clinic, centrifuging at the bedside and concentrating its healing components to prepare for injections

Platelet rich fibrin has been used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries in elite athletes for close to 30 years. The natural healing power of PRF is now successfully used in healing many parts of the body, including the  regeneration of sexual organs. PRF injection into the clitoral vaginal complex improves the  sensitivity and function of the sexual organs leading to easier and more intense sexual response and orgasms.

The Many Benefits of the Orgasm Shot

The O-shot is advertised as a fast and straightforward way to increase your ability to orgasm, but it offers other benefits like:

  • Reduce urinary incontinence symptoms. (Close to 20% women experience some form of urinary incontinence)
  • Reduce chronic pain in the vagina from childbirth
  • Increase lubrication and reduced vaginal dryness
  • tighter vaginal canal
  • improve thinning of the vaginal wall that can lead to pain and tearing during intercourse
  • Virtually painless and fast in-office procedure

The O-Shot treatment procedure depends on the natural PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) substances in your blood. It is completely natural with no addition of chemicals or foreign substances.

PRF promotes new cellular growth which means thicker more lubricated and fuller vaginal walls.

PRF promotes regeneration of new blood vessels which will help the engorgement during sex.

It also causes development of new nerves, causing improved sensitivity and heightened sensations leading to easier orgasms.

Quality of Life

A fulfilling sex life is an essential component of your health and wellness. If you’re experiencing sexual challenges but have felt uncomfortable discussing your sex life with your doctor, inquire about the O-Shot treatment with Dr. Kat. As a female physician, she can make the conversation more comfortable. Dr. Kat received her initial training from Dr. Runels. She has since pursued her Board certification in Regenerative Medicine and has performed countless sexual PRF regenerative treatments in women. She believes the O-Shot can empower you to control your sexual life, sexual challenges, and incontinence issues.

Many patients first learn of the O-Shot procedure and what it can do for them during their wellness and beauty consultations with Dr. Kat. . According to Dr. Kat, you can enjoy sex more and boost your confidence if you address your sexual concerns with a professional. After Dr. Kat administers the O-Shot, you can experience increased vaginal wall and clitoral sensitivity.

The Details

The O-shot is a non-surgical treatment that won’t change your vagina’s physical appearance. It costs around $1,000 and an initial series of 3 helps achieve the maximum results. . It’s non-invasive so you won’t need any downtime, and can resume all activities immediately. The results are ideally maintained by repeat treatments every 6 months.

Aesthetic Modifications

There can be additional aesthetic modifications to the labia during the procedure which would involve rejuvenating the labia with PRF plus fillers if desired. This is an adjunct procedure and not included in the O-shot price.

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