Top 10 Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy treatments are the quickest way for your body to receive essential nutrients. This procedure releases vitamins and antioxidants straight into your bloodstream so that your body can begin to heal itself and feel better more quickly.

IV bags began their use in hospitals to treat dehydrated and ill patients. IV therapy has advanced and can now treat numerous conditions including hangovers, vitamin deficiencies, and fatigue.

Intravenous vitamin therapies can be made into personalized vitamin cocktails to treat your individual needs. At Allurant, we provide IV therapy treatments to enhance your overall health. IV infusions provide numerous benefits whether you are ill or healthy.

If you are unsure if IV therapy would be worthwhile for you, examine the following benefits:

Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption

Patients with certain medical complications may not be able to completely absorb oral supplements or nutrients from food. With an IV infusion, it is ensured that the vitamins will be entirely absorbed by the bloodstream and the effects will instantly take place.

Increased Energy Levels

IV therapy treatments boost energy levels and the immune system which can decrease the symptoms of extreme fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Instant Hydration

IV therapy treatments are the quickest and easiest way to receive necessary hydration and improve organ performance. Maintaining proper hydration levels is essential to keeping your organs and muscles healthy and protected.

Quick Treatment Times

IV therapy treatments are quick and relaxing. The infusion will be performed in a comfortable room and will be completed within one hour.

Personalized Treatments

Numerous IV therapy options are available at Allurant to meet your particular needs. We offer Myers cocktail, Vitamin B-Complex, Vitamin C, Collagen, and Immune System Boost.

Less Need for Oral Supplements

By receiving an IV treatment, you will no longer need to take as many oral supplements to receive the nutrients that your body needs. Dr. Kat Khorrami at Allurant will recommend the perfect IV infusion routine to suit your health needs.

Preventative Care

IV therapy can be used even if it’s not needed for a current health issue. Infusions can be used as preventative care to reduce your risk of getting ill. High intakes of Vitamin C is proven to strengthen the immune system and reduce the number of cancer cells found in the body. Additionally, consistent treatments can minimize the risk of developing a chronic illness.

Results Are Instant

Some foods you consume may take up to two days to be entirely digested. With an IV treatment, effects will be felt instantly since the nutrients are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The full effects will be noticed within a few hours post-treatment including increased energy levels and enhanced mood.

Beneficial for Athletes

People who constantly engage in physical activity most likely experience muscle spasms and fatigue. IV treatments can restore adequate vitamin levels and reduce recovery time in between workouts. IV therapy can also help to maintain proper hydration after the water in the body is lost due to sweating.

Fights the Effects of Environmental Toxins

Exposure to the toxins within your daily environment can begin to negatively affect your health. IV treatments give your body the necessary vitamins and antioxidants to eliminate toxins.

With all their benefits, IV therapy treatments are an easy decision and can be administered to anyone. To see which IV treatment would be best for your needs, contact Allurant for a complimentary consultation.