The BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, is an affordable procedure to transfer fat to the buttocks and is a very popular cosmetic procedure in todays times. Many women look for the best solution to the feminine, hourglass, curvy body shape, which is delivered effectively from the BBL fat transfer, which transfers fat from the stomach area to the buttocks area. The BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, shapes, fills, and lifts buttocks to the best possibly imagined shape. This is done by a process called fat grafting. Through liposuction, fat is removed from areas such as the thighs, abdomen, lower back, and hips. The fat that was extracted is purified, then it can be reinjected into the butt area for a buttock augmentation.

In addition to augmenting the buttocks you are able to remove fat you do not want any more. Although the procedure seems simple and painless it actually has a high mortality rate. This is why it is best to know everything you can about the procedure for transferring fat to your buttocks before choosing to undergo it.

Is the BBL Worth it?

The BBL procedure has very little to no negative complications and has many benefits. These include:

  • Improving body proportions. This is the top reason for why patients choose to undergo this procedure. This fat transfer augments the buttocks and gives it your dream shape.
  • You can further augment the butt by grafting from various fat pockets on the body. This can include thighs, hips, love handles, or stomach.
  • The BBL offers a very natural look especially in comparison to buttock implants.
  • Results of this procedure are fast and safe.
  • Clothes flatter you more after BBL surgery and cellulite is not noticeable.

How Long Will I Have to Recover From a BBL?

Recovery from BBL does not take very long. If you follow the care and recovery instructions given to you by the surgeon, the period of recovery is only around ten to fourteen days maximum.

It is normal to expect temporary numbness, soreness, swelling and bruising after the BBL surgery. Usually a specialist can prescribe you pain medication to relieve the discomfort you may experience.

Patients are also advised to wear a garment for compression of the area for 1 to 2 weeks; this reduces swelling and prevents any build up of fluid pockets. The garment also helps you shape your body where the fat was extracted from. You are advised to wear this garment at all times and remove only while showering.

How Much of Available Fat is Needed for the BBL Procedure?

According to experts on the BBL you must gain a certain amount of weight before the surgery. The perfect amount of weight for the BBL depends on certain factors, such as what to expect from the procedure, your body type, your goals, and your height.

In your consultation you should discuss the outcomes expected, and whether you have an appropriate amount of weight for the procedure. You should know that the BBL transfer procedure requires extra fat, especially on the thighs, back, abdomen, or hips, so you should be on the upper side of a healthy BMI range. Some professionals say that BBL patients should have a BMI range below 30, and above 24, although fat percentage could vary. If your range is above 35 this could have more risk of complications.

What is the BBL Procedure?

The BBL procedure is minimally invasive and uses liposuction to remove fat from unwanted areas and then uses the same fat to shape and increase the size of the buttocks. This procedure has minimal complications.

Is the BBL Procedure Safe?

BBL injections make it possible for any woman to have their dream buttocks which can range from shapely, well toned and/or full sized. This is done through careful reshaping and augmentation through fat transfer. The outcome creates a very natural looking result.

The BBL procedure is very safe. Through use of your own fat, the likelihood of the buttocks rejecting the transfer is very slim.

What Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction can cost more on the higher side and prices can differ depending on the treatment. Other factors that affect the price are the procedure that is used and the size of the area being treated. Without anesthesia and other types of charges the price is around 2 to 3.5 thousand dollars for the treated area.

How Much Fat/Weight Can Be Removed By Liposuction?

Although the removal of fat is not always the easiest procedure, studies show that liposuction can be done safely, especially with the liposuction technology available today. The amount of fat that can be removed depends on which specific part of the body is harvested from and how frequent the procedure is.

According to the set guideline for fat grafting used by surgeons, maximum fat that is extracted should not be more than 5L or 11 pounds for the patient regardless of their body weight or status of fat. The study recommends using the BMI of the patient to remove a safe quantity of fat.

How Can I Achieve a Larger Buttocks and Wider Hips?

The best way to achieve wider hips and a larger buttocks is to visit us for a consultation to discuss your goals, and how we can help you meet them. However, other alternatives include exercise and diet, such as:

  • Go out for walks
  • Practicing squats
  • Hip extension exercises
  • Step ups or elevation exercises
  • Adding green vegetables and fruits to your daily diet.

BBL Procedure Near Me

If you would like to change your buttocks appearance, Allurant Medical offers an excellent affordable procedure to transfer fat to your buttocks. Visit our website or call to get this procedure done easily at Allurant.


Before undergoing a BBL fat transfer procedure you need to know the facts about buttock augmentation. This includes knowing:

  • Using precise liposuction to transfer fat to buttocks, a BBL removes your own body fat, purifies it, and then reinjects into the buttocks.
  • This procedure can sometimes require more than a single surgery.
  • The person that harvests fat for the procedure is a skilled board certified surgeon.
  • The body reabsorbs some fat, however a good surgeon can choose the right amount of fat to be transferred.
  • The BBL is safe.
  • There are minimal amounts of side effects.
  • This promotes other positive effects in the body.

For more info, contact us or visit our website, we are more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.