If you’ve ever hoped to remove fat from an area and transfer it to your buttocks, then you have an answer now: the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

The BBL procedure is a cosmetic procedure to augment the Buttocks, done by Dr. Kat and her staff. We use state of the art technology to carefully and safely remove fat from where it is not needed, and this fat is then used to transfer into the buttocks area. This procedure is highly successful because it uses your own body’s fat cells for the procedure, so the results are great, natural looking, and there is no worry of the body rejecting your fat cells.

BBL surgeries are most successful when done in a clinic with skilled surgeons in a reputable based clinic. This fat transfer is the top procedure for sculpting the dream butt you are looking for. The Brazilian Butt lift results are excellent and achievable for anyone. Read more about the BBL below.

What Does the Term BBL Mean?

BBL is short for Brazilian Butt Lift, and another name for this fat transfer procedure is gluteoplasty. The BBL surgery includes removing fat cells from target areas and injecting them into the buttocks at different points for augmentation.

During this surgery, extra fat is removed from areas of the body such as the inner thighs, abdomen, outer thighs, bra rolls, flanks, armpits and mid back, through the process of fat grafting in order to augment the fat in the buttocks.

The excess fat that was removed is purified and processed through decanting and centrifugation. These donor cells of fat are then injected into the buttocks.

Is the BBL Procedure Safe?

The procedure of removing any possible excess fat from a spot and reinjecting it into the buttocks may seem simple, however, the procedure is complex, and requires a skilled surgeon to carefully reinject the fat effectively. For best results you should choose a skilled surgeon near you, one that has experience, training, and hands on experience with how the body functions. They should also know how they are supposed to carry out safe and correct BBL procedure techniques.

Due to a large increase in demand for the BBL procedure, surgeons that are not certified are carrying out this cosmetic procedure. In this way some patients are given false advertisement of surgeons with no experience and have to risk their lives in return for low prices.

A BBL is relatively safe, however it does have risk factors just like other cosmetic procedures may have. This includes common side effects such as pain, infection around the treated area, swelling, bruising and asymmetry.

Allurant uses board certified and experienced surgeons, and as long as you follow the after care instructions, then risks of this procedure will be minimal. BBL results are safer and better than butt implants are. A BBL is also safer than silicone injections which have been banned in some countries due to their possible complications.

Is There use for the Body’s Fat After Getting Liposuction?

Liposuction in cosmetic surgery is a procedure that involves invasive surgery. This procedure removes fat deposits that are deemed excess, reducing volume and reshaping parts of the body. Areas that can have fat removed include the neck, chin, arm, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. This procedure is also sometimes called lipoplasty, lipectomy, or liposculpture.

Making use of whatever excess fat needs to be removed is not possible, however during this cosmetic surgery the fat cells are used to fill the buttocks. They can also serve to treat various problems such as stem cells. Other than these uses there are no other legalized uses for fat cells that are removed.

Why is the BBL Procedure so Popular?

BBL’s have gotten very popular in recent times and this is partly because it has been done by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian to show off their curvy shaped derriere.

In technical terms there are two types of women that are looking for a buttock lift procedure. The first are women that want a super curvy looking shape such as celebrities. These people will have to undergo fat transfer to add volume to the buttocks area in order to undergo augmentation.

The second type of women are those that choose this procedure but are a little modest in the finished result that they are looking for. These are women that do not have a large buttocks area and choose to add volume to this area so that they can have a larger backside and thus a butt lift.

BBL Cosmetic Procedure Near Me

If you are looking for a BBL procedure, there is no better option than Allurant Medical. Call us or visit our website today to sculpt the butt of your dreams.