Health and Sex in Mature Women

A majority of women believe that their sex life after reaching a certain age will lose excitement and bring down the intimacy in their relationships. This belief is due to the occurrence of menopause in women, however, this is far from the truth, as many women do in fact discover health benefits of having sex in the later half of their life. Your sex life does not need to end only because your body has gone through menopause, child birth, or aging. There are a number of benefits of having sex after menopause and this is especially true for women. Read more below.

The Health Benefits of Having Sex Later in Your Life

You don’t need to let menopause come between intimacy and passion. The health benefits of having sex while in the years of menopause include stimulation of blood flow, keeping vaginal muscles toned and moving, and maintaining your vagina’s length and stretchiness.

Recent studies have shown that having frequent sex can lower your overall blood pressure, reduce stress levels, and maintain low cortisol levels in high level stress situations; such as work, public speaking, and healthy recovery. Sex in women can benefit ones heart health, which can reduce the risk of heart attacks, a potentially fatal event. Vagina stimulation can also help with muscle or pelvic floor strength. Strength in the pelvic floor can control your bladder more effectively, reducing unwanted urination.

Helps With Illnesses

Did you know that sex later in life will help boost the overall immune system? This can be seen as an increase of immunoglobulins, which are antibodies. Immunoglobulins will reduce the amount of risk you have of getting an illness, and will protect you against possible infection. This beneficial effect of sex is unparrallell to any other win win outcome.

A New Level of Zen

When women experience orgasms during sex, the body releases oxytocin, endorphins and hormones, which can help relieve pain in the body. These natural pain relievers, can also help with headaches, pain from arthritis, and other old age conditions. This gives yoga a new competition.

Assistance with Sleep

Your sleep hygiene will radically improve through having a healthier sex life. Benefits of good sleep assists you with maintaining a healthier level of weight, helps lower blood pressure, and maintaining energy through the next day. If you are someone that does not have sex frequently, or even if you simply do not enjoy having sex, you would be more prone to other ways of stress reduction such as prescription drugs or smoking.

Stay Sexy even with Menopause with the Femilift Treatment

If you are a woman with menopause you will be overjoyed and excited to find that you do not need to reduce your sex life in your later life due to a loss of hormones. Women with menopause suffer with painful intercourse caused by dryness and pain in the vagina. There is good news! A procedure for vaginal rejuvenation will help you take care of these possible issues and give you the ability to continue having sex even as you age.

What is the Femilift Procedure?

The Femilift procedure is the latest in technology for procedures of vaginal rejuvenation. It is a new and innovative way to care for issues for the vagina and make it possible to be more intimate between you and your partner.

The Femilift technology uses a high precision CO2 laser probe by Alma, which has a capability of 360 degrees of rotation. The Femilift Laser probe works by applying thermal energy into the vagina and this will help with revitalizing mucous of the vagina, which in turn improves tightness and lubrication of the vaginal area.

The Femilift treatment has no need for anesthesia and has no downtime whatsoever, so you can experience new sensation and benefits right away. Spice up your sensations and create a new sex life today with Femilift.

Don’t Suffer with Pain Any Longer and Get a Femilift Procedure Today!

Our professionals are able to provide you with the proper care you need for a Femilift vaginal rejuvenation procedure, giving you the intimacy and confidence you need. Request a consultation with our professionals today, and we will guide you through the process. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with this procedure. Call or visit Allurant Medical Today.