7 Little Known Skincare Tips

When it comes to your skincare, the little things have an enormous impact. These seven fantastic skincare hacks may require small lifestyle changes, but they can dramatically improve your skin’s health and appearance.

1. The Perfect Amount

Sufficient sun protection is an anti-aging powerhouse. To determine the right amount of sunscreen for your face and ears, try this hack: fill the hollow part of your palm. That amount (about ½ teaspoon) will be enough to provide full protection from the sun’s dangerous rays. Make sure to use high-quality sunscreen; we carry the latest sunscreens from trusted brands.

2. Omega Filled Breakfast

Research shows omega-3 fatty acids have wonderous skin-boosting properties and the power to reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkles. Walnuts and almonds are a terrific source of Omegas and are delicious additions to your breakfast cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal. Add a cup of green tea, and you’ll have a powerful start to your day!

3. Go For Low Impact

Did you know regular participation in high-impact activities can negatively impact your skin’s collagen? That’s right. High-impact exercise increases aging and can cause your skin to sag. Try to replace running and other high-impact activities with lower impact exercises like biking, swimming, or weight-training into your routine.

4. Combine Ingredients

When you combine different skincare products, it can drastically improve the beneficial effects of your skincare regimen. The ingredients in your skincare products are more powerful when combined. For example, the combination of sunscreen and antioxidants is a fantastic morning treatment for protecting your skin throughout the day.

5. Pass the Peas

Want to quickly reduce under-eye swelling or dark circles with something you already have on hand? Head to your freezer and grab a bag of frozen peas. When you place frozen peas on the skin under your eyes, it can reduce irritation, swelling, and “raccoon eyes.”

6. Don’t be Salty

Beauty comes from within, and what you put inside your body has an enormous impact on the outside. When you ingest high amounts of sodium, it can make your face puffy. Diet soda is one of the largest sodium-laden culprits, and it has a plethora of other negative health consequences. Diet soda can contain up to 50 milligrams of sodium in a 12-ounce serving. So, swap your diet soda for water, and your skin will look tighter and more youthful. If you need bubbles and flavor, try mineral water with lemon and fresh ginger or fresh berries and cucumber.

7. Use a Cup

If you regularly drink from a straw or a water bottle, it creates lines and dynamic wrinkles around your mouth. Once you hit your 30’s, collagen begins to break down and can’t erase those lines as easily. Instead, enjoy your drinks from a glass or use a cup with a spout. And, remember to put your skincare products on your upper lip to help fight fine lines and wrinkles. As an added bonus, you’ll help the environment if you avoid using disposable straws.