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Improve your skin color and texture without surgery!

IPL is most commonly used to treat dark spots from sun exposure, fine wrinkles, hormonal changes, and scarring. It can also treat redness from rosacea, tiny broken blood vessels, superficial scars, and acne.

Learn about the IPL Photofacial treatment

Minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are increasing in popularity. Americans are finding new, more innovative solutions to rejuvenate their faces and rebuild their bodies. At Allurant Medical Spa in Del Mar, California, we implement the most effective treatments and latest technologies such as the IPL Photofacial Treatment to cater to your cosmetic needs. Read more below.

Aging Truths

Aging is a natural process which results in the loss of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic acid in the skin, among other things. These components of skin are responsible for the full, firm, youthful skin, and the gradual loss of these components starts in your 20’s. Today’s young adults are more than ever exposed to harmful environmental factors leading to aged skin, such as sun exposure, environmental toxins, as well as stress and lifestyle choices. There are also more regenerative, natural and non-invasive treatments available to slow or reverse the signs of aging. Our treatments are made very specifically to your needs.

If you have been noticing more dark spots, irregular pigmentations, sunspots, tiny spider veins, visible pores, fine lines, and wrinkles on your skin, you can now rest assured that these signs of aging can be modified. The IPL Photo facial is the answer to these problems. With today’s new technologies most of the face and body can be restored like new. Before you decide whether IPL Facials are the right cosmetic procedure for you, read below to know your best options.

What Is the Photofacial IPL?

The IPL Photofacial uses bursts of Intense Pulse Light to penetrate into the different layers of your skin. The IPL light energy causes the blood vessels and collagen below the epidermis to tighten thereby reducing redness, dark spots, spider veins and wrinkles. Following this treatment the skin cells go through a renewal process, becoming firmer and more youthful.

The IPL Photofacial is ideal for reversing many signs of skin damage and aging. IPL treats many skin conditions from wrinkles, freckles, and sunspots to chronic conditions such as acne and rosacea using the power of light.

IPL Photofacial


6-12 months


Recovery Time
0-1 days


Procedure Time
15-20 minutes


Estimated Price


Allurant Medical
by Dr. Kat Khorrami MD



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IPL Devices used in Treatment

Venus Versa IPL photofacial is an advanced treatment that employs bursts of Intense Pulse Light to do the facial.

It is important to make sure you are not receiving a LED light treatment passed off as a photofacial, since LED light emissions are much lower intensity and frequency and not comparable to IPL in results.

How Venus Versa IPL works.

Venus Versa IPL uses SmartPulse technology delivering the Intense Pulses of Light through multiple layers of the skin. This treatment targets the specific tissue and generates heat which serves to correct skin flaws without damaging the surrounding tissue.


How Comfortable is the Treatment?

The Venus Versa is specifically considered to be one of the safest and most comfortable IPL treatments The applicator tip has a built-in cooling feature which ensures the entire treatment areas is comfortable. This feature is especially important when treating sensitive tissues such as the upper lip. The device settings can also be adjusted to create the ultimate comfort personalized to each individual skin type and area.


Number of sessions needed

The great thing about the IPL Photofacial treatment is that people by and large get noticeable results after the first 2 treatments. Most patients require 4-5 sessions to fully treat a particular area. The specific number of sessions will depend on your skin type and the issues being treated. Treatments are typically three to four weeks apart.


What Happens in a Treatment?

Treatments are fast, around 15-20 minutes with zero down-time, so it is the ideal “lunch time procedure”. You can return to your daily activities right after the treatment and apply makeup if desired. You just need to wear sunscreen before you put on any make-up.

During the treatment, you will wear laser protection glasses to protect your eyes from the intense light. You will feel some warmth in the area of treatment. Some people describe the sensation as being flicked with a rubber band. You might get some redness for an hour or so after your treatment. You will also get some “peppering” which is temporary darkening of the pigmentation before it lightens. With each progressive treatment, the impacts of IPL Photofacial become more noticeable and pronounced.


IPL Photofacial Treatment Benefits

IPL Photofacial is a compelling skin treatment that uses the power of light to reverse sun damage and the negative effects of aging in the skin. While the sun’s UV rays are harmful even when you limit your exposure to sunlight, IPL treatments use infrared light which are entirely safe for you skin. The outcome is your skin will have improved condition, color and have a youthful boost.

  • IPL Photofacial treatments are safe non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate your skin.
  • IPL Photofacial Treatment take only around 20 minutes.
  • Minor pigmentation and sun damage will likely improve in 1-2 sessions.
  • Zero downtime means you get back to your regular routine
  • IPL Photofacial is very comfortable because of the built-in cooling
  • Treatments are safe and effective in most skin types, though usually performed in light and medium skin tones.

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IPL Photofacial Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Risks of the IPL Photofacial Procedure?

The staff at Allurant Medical take pride in providing safe and effective treatments with cutting edge technology. When administered at appropriate settings IPL is completely safe. However patient skin types react differently to treatment and burns are possible negative outcomes reported with IPL. To ensure patient safety and ultimate results we start the IPL treatments at conservative settings and adjust to patients’ skin during the procedural sessions.

How Can I Prepare for IPL Photofacial

You need to be tan free (including spray tans and with minimal direct exposure to sunlight) two weeks prior to the procedure.

What is the recovery like?

Generally, a “sunburned” feeling on the treatment area is experienced for up to 24-48 hours. The gradual darkening of pigmentation will occur. This is part of the healing process and should start to slough off in three to four days. In extreme cases, blistering, burns, or bleeding may occur. 

What do I Need to do After My IPL Photofacial?

To minimize swelling, apply cold compresses to the treatment area for 10 minutes of every hour on the day of the treatment.

Sleep on your back with your head elevated on the first night post-treatment.

The gradual darkening of pigmentation will occur. Patients are advised not to rub the treatment area or try to scrub the area away. This is part of the healing process and should start to slough off in three to four days.

If blistering, burns, or bleeding occur, please call your physician.

STRICT adherence to sun protection/sunscreen. Direct sunlight should be avoided for four weeks post-treatment.

Resume a regular skin regimen once the treatment area is back to “normal.”
IPL should be scheduled every four to six weeks (depending on treatment reaction) and can be done for a series of three or more treatments.

How Long Will my IPL Photofacial Last?

Typically the results of IPL last six to twelve months. Exposure to sunlight will cause hyperpigmentation to return more quickly. Maintenance treatments are every six to twelve months to help prolonge results.

Will IPL Work if I Have Darker Skin?

IPL is effective in most skin types however darker skin types, such as Fitzpatrick type 5 and 6, can potentially hyperpigment with IPL. Other lasers such as AdvaTx are better suited for the treatment of darker skin.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatments take as little as ten minutes on a small area such as the back of your hands and can take up to an hour when treating larger areas.

How is IPL Different From Other Lasers For Treatment of Uneven Pigmentation.

IPL uses the power of light and delivers focused Intense Pulse Light to treat skin problems. There are many varieties of lasers used to treat skin conditions. Depending on their wavelength they produce less or more heat in the skin and can therefore have more downtime than IPL.

How Many Treatments Will be Needed?

Most uneven skin issues will resolve after three to six sessions of IPL. Some light freckles can disappear after two sessions. On the contrary, deeper pigmentations or melasma will need longer treatments and are more likely to recur needing maintenance treatments.

Is the IPL Treatment Painful?

Most people have minimal discomfort during the IPL session. Some people describe the sensation as similar to having a rubber band snap on their skin.

Will I Need to Take Time Off After My IPL Photofacial?

You can return to your regular activities immediately after your IPL session. There will be gradual darkening of the spots over a few days and you can use makeup immediately for any needed coverage.

Is the IPL Photofacial right for me?

You will most likely benefit from IPL treatments if you have any concerns with sun damage or pigmentation changes from aging. Dark spots, increased vascularity, patchy discoloration or fine lines due to aging can be improved using IPL. Darker skin types such as Fitzpatrick 5-6, e.g. Middle Eastern or African American, will benefit from our no downtime AdvaTx laser instead.

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