IV Therapy Lounge in San Diego

IV Therapy – the Natural Way to Restore Your Health and Beauty!

Because IV Delivers Essential elements directly to your bloodstream, you absorb the healing ingredients more quickly. 



Welcome to San Diego’s Premier IV Therapy Lounge

Welcome to the leading IV Therapy Lounge in San Diego. We invite you to come and relax in one of our state-of-the-art relaxation recliners or massage chairs. When you visit, we’ll infuse you with health and wellbeing.

You’ll feel more relaxed, balanced, rejuvenated, and nourished when you visit our holistic IV Lounge. And you’ll leave elated.

Our naturally-derived nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids boost your immune system and energize, reset, and detox your body. All of our IM shots and IV Drip are compounded under a sterilized environment by Our nurses and doctors while you are in our lounge to provide you with safe, effective, and preservative-free nutrients.

What sets IV therapies apart from traditional oral supplements?  They have a 100% absorption rate – they’re fast-acting and leave you feeling revitalized.

Dehydration IV Therapy

At Allurant Medical Spa, ​we offer Drip IV Therapy, a specialized dehydration treatment. Since Drip IV Therapy includes one liter of electrolytes and IV fluids, it helps your muscles function properly. 

Energy Booster IV Therapy

Our proprietary Energy Booster Formula combines antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, and IV fluids. This formula improves your energy levels and helps you fight fatigue. As a result, your mental clarity and physical performance will drastically improve.

Immune Boost IV Therapy

You need a steady flow of fluids running through your body to eliminate toxins and sustain your organs’ functionality. Likewise, If you’re ill, you must drink extra fluids to stay hydrated, boost your metabolism, and kick-start your immune response. Our Immune Boost IV Therapy does just that!


Hangover IV Therapy

When it comes to alcohol, there’s ok, better, and best. It’s ok to drink some alcohol, it’s better to drink in moderation, and it’s best for your health to abstain. But, if you do get a bit carried away, we’ve got the solution.  Because if you overindulge in alcohol, you’ll be dehydrated. So, you must rehydrate and detoxify with pure water.  When you re-hydrate, it will help you eliminate the toxins that alcohol leaves behind. And the IV fluids will replenish the nutrients you lost.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

Allurant Medical Spa’s Myers Cocktail IV Therapy is just what the doctor ordered. This healing concoction of electrolytes, IV fluids, magnesium, Vitamin C, and Complex B Vitamins may improve your tender points, pain, and quality of life.

Stomach Flu IV Therapy

If you get the stomach flu, you may have several days of chills, body aches, fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  So, the stomach flu can be debilitating. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer. Our Stomach Flu Therapy rehydrates you and returns vital nutrients to your body. We can also deliver antacids and anti-nausea medications directly into your bloodstream and shorten the duration of your flu symptoms.

Beauty IV Therapy

This beauty treatment formula contains the right vitamins for enhancing the strength and appearance of your hair and skin. The formula contains several ingredients, such as B12, electrolytes, IV fluids, glutathione, biotin, Vitamin C, and Complex B Vitamins.

Weight Loss IV Therapy

Are you having a challenge losing weight? If so, you’re not alone. Aging and lifestyle changes can slow your metabolism – the complex chain of chemical reactions that converts your food into energy. So, we’ve created our Weight Loss IV therapy formula to boost your metabolism and help you drop those stubborn pounds. Our compound contains B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and other essential ingredients.

All-inclusive IV Therapy

We’ve designed our All-Inclusive IV treatment to vastly improve your overall health, wellness, and appearance. This nutrient and mineral-rich IV solution can boost your immune system, increase your energy level, and improve your muscular performance. Because our formula contains fluids and electrolytes, it will also rehydrate your cells.

Mega Boost Immune IV Therapy

Do you find yourself getting sick easily? If so, your immune system may need an upgrade. Give your defenses a boost with Mega Boost Immune IV Therapy. Mega Boost provides essential vitamins and antioxidants to lessen the duration and severity of colds and flues.


Collagen IV Therapy

Is your skin dry, flaky, or beginning to sag? If so, your body might not be producing enough collagen. Collagen is your skin’s primary building block, and you make less of it as you age. So, we formulated our Collagen IV Therapy with essential ingredients to promote collagen production and give you your glow back.