Although some people have much trouble finding the right laser hair removal selection, many people who have chosen Allurant Laser don’t have to. We have competitive pricing for the San Diego County area. Since we have purchased such large quantities of Laser technologies we are able to offer you savings on your Laser treatment, not to mention that our certified laser technicians offer the best and most consistent treatment you can hope to have. More information is listed below.

Permanent Lasting Hair Removal
The results you can expect from receiving hair results are basically permanent. The majority of people that receive multiple sessions as recommended by their provider experience 80 to 95 percent in hair growth reduction. Although treatments are considered completely effective, changes such as hormonal change can alter results, so we also offer touchups at affordable prices in case of that.

Cost Effective


Although permanent laser reduction seems too pricy at first, it is considered the most cost effective treatment in total compared to traditional hair removal methods. For example razors or waxes will have to be used regularly and can be uncomfortable to use. With our laser treatment for permanent hair removal there are no hang ups such as razor burns or ingrown hairs or stubble.

Brazilian Area Laser Treatment

No need to worry about uncomfortable ingrown hairs or itchiness. You will experience as new silky skin and better overall skin in the area.

Laser Hair for Facial Area

Package pricing available

Laser Hair for Men

Allurant can create the rightest setting for your laser treatment so that it is right for your body area. We are willing to treat you based on your request in order to stay competitive.

Center Eyebrow Hair Removal

Package pricing available

Laser Hair for Arms

Smooth arms and armpits are available in only very short laser hair removal treatments. You no longer need to shave or wax or use treatment creams for unwanted hair. Package pricing available.

Treatable Areas

The laser hair removal treatment is available anywhere in the body that has hair, as long as your hair is darker than your skin tone, with exception only the eyebrows as eyebrows are too near the eye region for safe treatment. Blond, grey, or red hair is also untreatable.

Number of Sessions Needed

We recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for any area you want to treat, and sessions should be about 4 weeks apart, although hormonal areas will need additional sessions. The number of sessions you require depends on specifics of. Your body such as genetic background amount of hair or hair color.

Are there different results for different people?

Results do indeed depend on the contrast of your skin and hair color.

What Does Laser Treatment Usually Feel Like?

Since we purchase only the most quality of laser technology the hair removal treatment usually only feels mild to moderate in discomfort. The cooling systems that come with our lasers create a cooling sensation and only feel as if you had a light sunburn for 1 to 2 hours once treatment is complete. If you are particularly sensitive we can also offer you a numbing cream application.


Before Being Treated Do's and Don'ts
For optimum results, please avoid tanning beds, sun exposure or self tanners, otherwise you may experience scarring and pigmentation and burn problems which could be permanent side effects.

Also do not bleach tweeze or wax 2 weeks before treatment. You may shave however much you like.

Please also inform us if you have been taking antibiotics as you cannot receive treatment for 2 weeks following antibiotic treatment.

We ask that you shave whichever area is being treatment except for the face in women. The area should also be cleaned before treatment, and cosmetics and deodorants and lotions should be removed before treatment.

It is normal to experience bumps or any redness after your treatment. This will subside after around 2 hours following your session.

You may apply Aloe Vera gel to ease your skin after treatment but you should avoid cosmetics and deodorants and such for 24 hours. Also you should avoid anything irritating to the skin like exercise nd sun exposure.

UV sun lotions should be applied to exposed areas and you should avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks after your treatment.

Also you should expect some exfoliating and hair shedding in the treated area for 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.