PRP Therapy for Under Eyes | Use Your Own Platelets To Regain A Youthful Look

PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles


6-12 months after 3


Recovery Time
2 days mild swelling


Treatment Time
30 minutes


Estimated Price
Starting at $450


Allurant Medical
by Dr. Kat Khorrami MD




Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Therapy For Under Eyes uses a patient’s own Platelet, rich in growth factor, to stimulate healing and restoration on a molecular level. The PRP treatment is a scientifically proven therapy used in medicine to solve a variety of issues including facial rejuvenation, and Dark Under Eyes Treatment. This treatment lightens dark circles under the eyes.

PRP Therapy For Under Eye is an ideal therapy for people who are thinking about enhancing their complexion without invasive surgery. PRP shots offer people a new way to enhance cellular rejuvenation under the eyes to lighten the skin with their own plasma. The blood is drawn from the patient and the PRP is extracted at our facility prior to injection all within 15 minutes. PRP Therapy For Under Eyes using injections of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and micro needling helps with the texture, color, and production of collagen. Click here to view clinical trials for Efficacy of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) in the Treatment of Dark Circles Under the Eyes.

PRP or platelet rich plasma involves extracting some of your blood, and sending it into a centrifuge in order to increase the amount of platelets which can heal or renew tissue very quickly in this state. It is able to be used in many different areas and treatments and is an effective solution for aging skin. The under eye procedure is a very easy healing and rejuvenation procedure.

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PRP is your own blood, sent into a centrifuge in order to increase the amount of platelets it has, which can heal or renew tissue very quickly in this state. The treated area heals quickly and effectively.

The blood sample contains red and white blood based cells, and platelets which are known to release some growth factors. The growth factors help to heal and stimulate collagen production when injected into the face and this provides an effect of anti-aging.

Treatment is natural, derived from the body, and is safe to rejuvenate the body’s many joints, for regrowing hair, helping urinary incontinence for women, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease for men. PRP is an excellent anti aging treatment in place of extensive and expensive procedures like plastic surgery.


PRP leaves no scars and creates a natural looking effect. We can easily treat fine lines, and wrinkles such as crows feet and eliminate bags under the eyes using this technique. PRP is also excellent for treating dark circles because it promotes blood flow through the region. Discoloration and puffiness partially disappear with as little as only one treatment. Results are not necessarily permanent but they give patients a long term option especially compared to other treatments offered by medical spas in the US.

This process is practically painless, and creates results in a very short period of time. PRP can create a more general effect also, making the treated area look more young and healthy. It is also easy as only a small amount of blood needs to be removed and then reinjected into the body.


We draw the blood, send it through a centrifuge for a few minutes and then reinject it into the area that needs to be treated, using natural growth factors in the blood to treat the area, and with a micro needle procedure which means using a very fine needle in order to minimize any pain.

This treatment is combined sometimes with other rejuvenation procedures like microneedling or laser resurfacing to give even better results for wrinkles, fine lines, or acne scarring.

PRP is injected by providers that have had training, and the procedure is only about 30 minutes in total which means you will not be in the treatment seat for very long.


You can expect to have perfect looking results. PRP is effective in rejuvenating desired areas and you may sometimes choose to do multiple sessions until you reach your desired results.

PRP for under eyes treats dark circles, wrinkles around the eyes, and puffiness. A doctor’s consultation will be made to decide the skin health of the patient and the goals they set for desired results.

It is also important to know that PRP injections do not give the same result as a brow lift or eyelift surgical procedure.


PRP lasts longer than other injectable methods however, you must understand that it is not permanent. For most patients PRP will improve the appearance of under eyes for one to two years on average. Results are noticeable after the first treatment however, we encourage three treatments in total, spread four weeks apart, and then possible maintenance injections every six months.


Most PRP treatments have very little downtime and you may return to work in a couple of days and return to exercise and such in a couple of weeks or so. We usually strongly recommend you to stay out of the sun and not put pressure on the area right after the procedure. There are also minimal side effects and there is very little pain in this procedure.

Patients will be told about how the PRP injection process works and we can answer any of your questions. PRP injections use plasma from your own blood so it is natural, non toxic and risk free of allergic reactions. Patients can expect efficacy and safety in treatment.

After treatment we recommend not touching the site for 24 hours and taking aspirin for pain, and to avoid massage, exfoliation, and alcohol for 72 hours. We also recommend icing the area and sleeping with your head elevated to reduce any swelling. Following the aftercare instructions will reduce the risk of possible complications by a large amount.


Anyone, as long as you have some blood to use, and you have no diseases in the area that would make treatment difficult such as people with active acne, lupus, rosacea, or any other autoimmune system diseases.

PRP is also not appropriate for people with a history of a bleeding disorder, or someone that uses blood thinning medication as PRP uses blood to achieve its results.

PRP is considered effective for stimulating production of collagen however, it is also very effective at addressing issues in the under eyes. This also includes healing abilities of PRP in other places of the body such as joints and skin tissue.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process involved in PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles?

We will identify the patient’s specific areas that need enhancement. We will then be able to develop an optimal PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles plan that is specific to the patient’s requirements. We will use a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area that requires the procedure. We will then draw a small quantity of blood from the patient’s arm, and put the drawn blood into a special centrifuge to isolate Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from red blood cells. The extracted PRP will then be transferred into a syringe and with a tiny needle will be injected into those specific areas under the eyes. After this procedure is complete, you may experience slight irritation or redness in the treatment area for one or two days.

How long does the PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles procedure take to perform?

The PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles takes around 30 minutes to complete.

How many PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles do you need?

At least 3 treatments are needed in order to achieve full benefits.

How long is the downtime?

There is no downtime; the patient can immediately resume normal activities. Depending on how large of an area is treated, some people may be experience minor swelling under the eyes for one day after the procedure.

What Are the Benefits of PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles?

Eye bags and dark circles and are a common flaw that gradually appears over time. These delicate areas are often hard to correct due to the location. We bypass the surgical treatments for these issues by directly injecting the PRP into those areas. Our qualified physicians understand how to inject the restorative platelets to an appropriate depth where most effective. The injected PRP can immediately start to restore the sagging skin. By stimulating collagen growth in these areas, we are able to promote results such as reducing the size of under eye bags, improving dark pigmentation under the eyes, and creating an even toned smooth complexion.

What are the risks and discomforts of PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles?

The recovery from the PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles is normally uneventful. Any discomfort is managed generally with a non-narcotic painkiller such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin). Occasionally, some mild swelling of the under eye skin is seen. You should stay away from vigorous activity until the swelling is fully gone.

Local anesthesia used in this procedure makes the PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles almost painless. As for risks, to date, there has never been any serious side effect. Since PRP extracted from your own blood is injected under your eyes, you are not at risk of communicable disease. However, as in any therapy which involves injections, you may experience some transient inflammation and/or bruising.

Is the PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles right for you?

PRP Therapy For Under Eye Circles is an effective alternative to aesthetic surgery and enhances skin tone over time. This fast and simple treatment is available at our San Diego PRP Therapy Clinic and will produce stunning results. Contact us now and schedule a free consultation to find out if this treatment is ideal for you.