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SculpTite® Forms Your Dream Shape

Define the Figure and Take Away Unwanted Fat

SculpTite® can be used to shape your figure. We build on well-established fat removal techniques to transfer or also remove fat to naturally shape the buttocks, hips, and hands, and create a more symmetrical figure as a result.

The fat transfer procedure starts with numbing the skin, then a biopsy punch instead of a scalpel for a 2mm wide entryway. Then we soften fat while also tightening the skin and then SculpTite® technology is used to pluck fat by the cell. Tried and true body sculpting techniques are used to naturally transfer fat and shape buttocks hips or hands. This is permanent and proportions are kept even with future weight gain.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use SculpTite for a Natural Fat Transfer Rather Than Get Implants?
SculpTite only requires you to get a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. Breast implants require you to get knocked out with a general anesthetic, which most people don’t like. The implant procedure is also more invasive, riskier, and leaves more scarring.

The SculpTite procedure is minimally invasive, gentle, painless, and the recovery time is fast without any downtime. In addition, the scarring is nothing more than freckle-size dots on the skin.

Can I Get a Fat Transfer From Another Person’s Body to Mine?
No, we only transfer fat from a patient’s own body.
Are There Different Entry Points for Different Types of Fat Transfers?
Yes, the locations of the entry points depend on where the fat is transferred from and to on the body.
What Preparations Do I Need to Make Before the Fat Transfer Procedure?
Your surgeon will give you a list of instructions on what you’re supposed to do and not do before the SculpTite procedure.

For instance, don’t consume any aspirins, omegas, blood thinners, ibuprofen, medications, tobacco, caffeine, or alcohol at least one day before the procedure. If you have diabetes, bring a glucose meter or test strips with you on the day of the procedure. Then we can measure your glucose levels before starting the procedure.

How Long Does It Take for a Fat Transfer to Settle?
The fat transfer should settle right away. However, wait about 3 to 5 days before going back to work. You should also avoid strenuous exercise for about two weeks.
Are Profile Injectables Included With the SculpTite Procedure?
No, they are not. We use the SculpTite procedure to remove and transfer fat only.
Is SculpTite the Safest Procedure for Transferring Fat?
We believe SculpTite is the safest procedure for transferring fat because it is far less invasive than liposuction and requires no scalpels or needles.
Is It Painful to Undergo a Fat Removal Procedure?
No, most of our patients don’t experience any pain because we administer local anesthetics and painkillers to ensure our patients are comfortable during the procedure. Sometimes we’ll even administer laughing gas at the patient’s request if they want it. Don’t worry, though, because the SculpTite procedure is minimally invasive without much pain experienced.
What Determines if Grafted Fat Will Survive?
Various factors influence whether grafted fat will survive after a fat transfer, such as the quality and purification of the fat. The health and physical characteristics of the patient also play a role in this too.

The SculpTite technology uses a closed purification system to ensure high-quality fat cells are collected and grafted. As a result, the grafted fat survival rate is relatively high during our procedures.

The surgeon will determine how much fat should be transferred and grafted.

Will Compression Garments Cause Problems for Fat Transfers?
No, they won’t cause any problems. In fact, they may help deliver better results while speeding the recovery time.
Will You Use Syringes or Needles to Extract Fat During the SculpTite Procedure?
No, we don’t use needles or syringes at all.
Will the SculpTite Procedure Work on Petite Individuals?
Our only requirement is that you have enough fat available for successful extraction and grafting. If you are petite, you may not have enough excess fat available for a buttock or breast augmentation procedure with our SculpTite technique.
Will I Achieve Permanent Results From the SculpTite Procedure?
Yes, the SculpTite is a permanent fat removal solution for any part of your body. But if you want to maintain symmetrical proportions and contours, the best solution is a steady diet and exercise regimen.
How Much Fat Will Remain After Getting a Fat Transfer Procedure?
The body typically reabsorbs about 30% of the fat that gets transferred.
Are There Any Scars After Getting the Procedure?
The only remaining scars look like tiny freckles at all the entry points.
Will My Body Features Look More Proportional After Getting the SculpTite Procedure?
Our patented SculpTite technology is programmed to know how much fat to extract and transfer to different areas of the body in order to keep your figure looking proportional and symmetrical.
Can Men Get Fat Transferred From the Abdominal Region to a Different Body Area?
Yes, you can transfer fat from the abdomen to the hips, buttocks, or hands.
How Many Appointments Will I Need to Make After the Initial Surgery?
Three additional appointments are required after the surgery: The first appointment takes place one week later; the second appointment takes place three months later; the final appointment takes place six months later.

Individual SculpTite® Fat Transfer Procedures

SculpTite® Hands

Restore Hand Volume to Aging Hands


The Perfect Behind with SculpTite®

Get the Ideal Butt and SculpTite® any Stubborn Fat

SculpTite® PerCup™

Perfect Breasts with SculpTite®

Benefits of SculpTite®

SculpTite® is a next-generation body contouring device considered to be minimally invasive.
It optimizes comfort, and precision, and enables us to physically pick up fat by the cell. The treatment reveals the body’s own natural contours by delicately targeting deposits of fat you want gone and also leaving areas around it intact.

24-48 Hour Downtime

Natural-Looking Results

No Scalpels or Stitches



Awake the Entire Time

Less Than 24 Hours of Downtime

SculpTite contours the shape of the body so delicately that patients may be able to return back to work a day after treatment. The procedure when compared to a more invasive one is easy and doesn’t mean weeks of healing downtime and having to drain for any excess fluids. Recovery is faster and also the results will appear as soon as the operation is finished.

Be Awake for the Entire Process

Allurant Medical does not use any general anesthesia methods meaning patients are awake for the entire operation with ease, listening to songs or even chatting with their friend, nurse or surgeon. Local anesthesia is used which can reduce risk and make patients maneuver around during the treatment which ensures well-balanced results.

No Use of Scalpels or Stitches

SculpTite does not use scalpels as they create large-sized incisions. Instead it has a punch tool used for biopsies, which is only two millimeters in width which creates entryways that are healed with a dissolvable suture. The entry points in the end only look like small marks that look like freckles and surgeons will also strategically work to hide them in natural body folds or creases to be better concealed.

Get Results in Only One Session

Some procedures require multiple sessions and long time procedures and these outcomes can tend to not produce exceptional results. At Allurant we are able to provide the same service in only one treatment and reach permanent lasting results. Patients can walk out the door right away looking dramatically better in no time.

Beautiful Results With a Natural Look

SculpTite can either remove fat or transfer it as well. The patented top-of-the-line technology creates outcomes with a natural look, accentuating your body’s natural curves and also creating the desired proportion. In addition to this, SculpTite creates a higher result with the skin, leaving the skin of the treated area tighter than it was before. You now get to skip the invasive procedure of lifting the skin!


The SculpTite Difference

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