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Treatment for Aging Skin Texture & Pigmentation

What is Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing?

Allurant Medical is proud to provide Venus Viva in San Diego! The Venus Viva is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes both nanofractional radio frequency and smart scan technology to resurface skin on various parts of the body. The device stamps metal micropins across the skin to create micro-injuries in the epidermis while the device’s heating factor sends radio frequency energy to the dermis. This combination will commence the body’s healing response which stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells.

Unlike many devices which are only able to treat the surface skin layers, the Venus Viva reaches the upper and lower layers of the skin. The outcome of this is greater effectiveness with less discomfort.

This treatment keeps the patient comfortable due to the smart scan technology. Energy is released from the device in waves, minimizing the full power of the procedure at one time. This treatment is used to tighten skin, enhance skin tone and texture, and reduce pore size.

Advantages of Venus Viva Treatment:

  • Little to no downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Minimal pain experienced, only a local anesthetic is needed
  • Can treat almost all areas of the body

What is the Viva Diamond Polar Treatment?

The Venus Diamond Polar is a non-invasive device which releases radio frequency energy to target and tighten the skin. The energy and magnetic pulses initiate the creation of collagen and new skin cells which reduce wrinkles and firm the skin. The released energy has the ability to reach the dermis layers beneath the surface of the skin to tighten from the inside out. This process is not immediate and typically takes six to ten sessions to achieve results. The procedure is warm, painless, does not require any downtime and leaves you with an immediate glow.

The Diamond Polar alone can produce great skin tightening results, and can be further amplified when used in combination with the Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatment. 

Can Anyone Be Treated?

Although the Venus Viva and Diamond Polar procedures are safe for all skin types, it may not be a safe procedure if you have any of the following:

  • Pacemaker or active body implant
  • Cancer or pre-cancerous history
  • Permanent metal implant in treatment area
  • Heart issues
  • Currently pregnant or nursing
  • Immune system problems
  • Herpes
  • Active infection or condition in the treatment area (ie. sores, rash)
  • Diabetes
  • Abnormal healing tendencies (ie. keloid scarring)
  • Have received facelift of eye lift surgery within past year
  • Less than three months from last intense skin resurfacing procedure or chemical peel
  • Used Accutane within past six months
  • Extreme direct sun exposure, use of tanning beds or creams within past two weeks

Pre-Treatment Instructions:

At least one week prior to treatment, avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications (ie. Ibuprofen). This can counteract the inflammation caused by the treatment which is needed to generate collagen production. It is also important to clean your skin before the procedure and ensure all make-up and lotions are removed. About an hour prior to the Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatment, a topical layer of numbing cream will be applied in order to make the procedure more comfortable. This will be removed immediately before treatment.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

No numbing cream is needed for the Venus Diamond Polar treatment, but a gel will be placed on the treatment area for the device to easily glide across the skin. Heat and a tiny pricking or snapping feeling will be experienced. Let your provider know if the sensation is unbearable so they can adjust the settings accordingly to ensure comfortability during treatment.


Little to no downtime is needed. Expect mild redness and swelling of the treatment area. Your skin will go back to its normal color after a couple of hours and the swelling will subside by the following day. Stick to the skin care regimen recommended by your treatment provider. Avoid using exfoliators, retinols, or acidic products. Hydrocortisone cream will help if your skin becomes itchy. Do not pick at the skin, the treated area will crust and peel and clear up naturally within a week.

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Venus Viva Overview


Future Skin Laxity


Sagging Skin


Youthful Appearing Skin


up to 12 months


Recovery Time
1 to 3 days downtime


Treatment Time
60-90 minutes


Estimated Price

(Includes Exosomes Value of $250)

Allurant Medical
by Dr. Kat Khorrami MD



Ask Dr. Kat a Question:

Viva Skin Resurfacing Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any pain involved in the procedure?

We use numbing cream for the area that we will be treating. You will be sitting in our lounge area having an electric massage while you are getting numb for a half hour. You may experience little to no discomfort during the procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for Viva Skin Resurfacing?

We offer a complementary consultation with Dr. Kat. She will determine if it’s right for your skin rejuvenation needs. She may find a better alternative method for your skin.

How long does the Viva Skin Resurfacing treatment take?

It will take 30 min to numb prior to the procedure. Depending on the areas being treated; the procedure could take about 45 to 90 minutes.

How long does the Viva Skin Resurfacing last?

Results vary depending on the individual. This treatment could last up to one year and can last longer when combined with PRF therapy.

What Is the down time for Viva Skin Resurfacing?

Generally, one to 3 days depending on skin sensitivity.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

It is recommended patients receive Venus Viva treatments in a series of  three to six sessions performed four to six weeks apart. The full benefit of the procedure will not be seen with a solo session. The results will become more apparent two to six months following the third session. Following the initial three to six treatment sessions, it is recommended that patients receive an additional three treatments every one to two years in order to maintain results.

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