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We are introducing a new wrinkle fighting agent into the Allurant group. Jeuveau by Evolus is a brand new FDA-approved wrinkle fighter. This “Newtox” is similar to Botox and Dysport in the way that it works. Jeuveau works wonders when it comes to flattening fine lines, wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet, and glabellar lines. We are happy to now be offering “Newtox” at our Carmel Valley, San Diego  practice, giving our patients yet another option for aesthetic wrinkle smoothing!

What is Jeuveau and How Does It Work?

Jeaveau, also referred to as “Newtox” is a quick noninvasive injectable that has been reinvented from the skin-perfecting treatments that originated from botulinum toxin type A family. An innovation when it comes to the standard of anti-aging treatments, Jeuveau hinders the movement of muscles under the skin to flatten the skin and render wrinkles from forming. Jeuveau is fabricated with a brand new purification and drying process called Hi-Pure technology, for a more extreme level of efficiency, purity, and smaller molecule size. Similar to Botox, it’s meant to inhibit muscle activity beneath the skin where it has been injected. After facial muscles are relaxed, there will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of fine lines, creating a softer and more vibrant appearance.

How Is Jeuveau Different from Botox or Dysport?

You may be familiar with other toxins such as Dysport or Botox being that Jeauveau is also part of the botulinum toxin type A group. Jeuveau is vacuum dried while Botox®️ is freeze dried. There have been studies showing that it has better reviews than Botox. Patients are reporting that Jeuveau  takes effect faster.

What are the Benefits of Jeuveau?

Jeuveau has copious beneficial qualities since it is targeted to fix many areas of the face and neck. Jeuveau is also suitable for younger patients who want to prevent the start of wrinkles. Some benefits include:

-Smoother glabellar lines, smoother forehead lines, smoother crow’s feet, Smoother lines around mouth and nose, help downward facing mouths, and chin bumps.

Is Jeuveau®️ right for me?

Jeuveau will be right for you if you’re looking for a quick fix to minimize wrinkles in the face. The results from Jeuveau last up to four months. So if you want to reduce the appearance of lines, crows feet, or use it for jaw slimming; Jeuveau would be the best fit for you. Patients who are looking for a more natural result instead of the typical “frozen” look would love Jeuveau. People who have done Dysport or Botox would be candidates for Jeuveau. Come in and give it a chance!

What can I expect before treatment?

Before your treatment, there will be a consultation with one of our professionals. They are highly trained in the art of injections ensuring you get the best results. At the time of your exam, they will look at your skin and go over medical history with you. What to expect during the treatment as well as aftercare instructions will be explained. If the doctor believes Jeuveau is the best fit for you, a specialized treatment plan will be made and the treatment will begin. It is suggested that if you have something coming up, to receive treatment at least two weeks in advance.

During your treatment

At your exam, Our doctor or nurse will look at the areas of concern, help you remain calm by talking to you, and tell you the results you can expect. The complete appointment from start to finish will only take a half hour. To help with bruising and pain, the doctor will apply ice to the areas before injecting. The doctor uses a fine gauge needle which will only feel like a quick pinch. The overall treatment is very tolerable.

After your treatment

Directly after the treatment, there may be some redness at the injection sites. You will start noticing results within the first week and reach full results after two weeks.

What results can I expect from Jeuveau?

At our practice, you will be getting the very best treatment. Your injections will be conducted by a highly qualified professional Dr. Kat who has been an expert in aesthetics for over 10 years. She will gently inject your muscles to provide only the best results. It’s been noted that Jeuveau takes effect faster than Botox with many patients noticing their results in as little as two to three days. Your full effect will be noticeable within two weeks. These results will last between three to four months. Patients have noticed that over time, their wrinkles stay smoother for longer making them not need to come in as often for touch ups.

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

The entire session only takes thirty minutes while the actual injections take only a few minutes.

How Often Can I Receive Jeauveau?

Patients are recommended to come in every three to four months. When you start to see the results from the previous treatment start to fade, that would be a good time to schedule your next appointment.

What Are the Possible Complications?

Like all neurotoxins, Jeuveau is known to be safe but there are a couple risks with getting injections. There can be a risk of bruising and redness caused by the needle used to inject. There is also a risk of eyelid ptosis (drooping of facial muscles near the treatment area). It is recommended to follow all aftercare instructions to reduce any complications. Our injectors are extremely careful when injecting muscles and prevent any complications. At your consultation, these complications will be discussed by your provider.

Why should I choose Jeuveau over Botox?

Jeuveau and Botox have the same ingredients and work in the same way to decrease muscle movements. The main difference is that Jeuveau has been developed for cosmetic use and created with extreme purity. Jeuveau has been proven in thousands of case studies that it is just as effective as other neurotoxins when it comes to fighting the aging process. Jeuveau is a new development in aesthetics and when you get your treatment at Allurant, you will be extremely happy with your results!

Can I get Jeuveau with other aesthetic treatments?

Yes, you can get Jeuveau with other treatments such as dermal fillers, which are performed in the same manner. To find out what treatments work with Jeuveau®️, book a consultation with one of our professionals.

How much does it cost?

At Allurant, we calculate the total price from how many units you recieved. The amount of units you need will be discussed with our medical staff. This creates a unique individual experience for each of our patients. We accept cash, credit card, as well as CareCredit.

Who Performs the Jeuveau injections?

At our practice, all treatments are done by our doctor as well as our nurse. Both are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to aesthetics.

The Best Jeuveau Treatment in San Diego, CA

Dr. Kat is nationally known for training physicians on the newest aesthetic technology such as lasers and fillers. When considering your next neurotoxin treatment in San Diego, be sure to consider our practice.

Jeuveau Specials in San Diego, CA

As an appreciation for joining our Allurant family, We give new patients a $50 gift card to use towards your next treatment! For our existing patients, we offer a $25 referral credit for bringing new patients to our practice. We also offer many rewards programs to earn points.

Have questions?

Contact our office in San Diego, CA at 858-222-1444. We are located in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego. We also have additional information on our website about Jeuveau®️. Feel free to give us a call or stop by to schedule an appointment.

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30-45 minutes


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Jeuveau Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes wrinkles?

When we smile, laugh, or make other expressions, muscles in our face create creases. Over time this can result in a variety of lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet, and laugh lines.   As we age, our skin becomes drier, thinner and our skin’s elasticity also decreases. Combined with the repetitive usage of our facial muscles, these changes could cause wrinkles and lines to be deeper and even more pronounced.

How is Jeuveau procedure conducted?

In order to reduce bruising you should avoid alcohol for at least a week prior to your Jeuveau treatment and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or Blood thinners such as aspirin for two weeks prior to your Botox treatment.

The Jeuveau  procedure takes a few minutes. Generally, our patients experience very little discomfort thanks to the numbing cream application prior to the injection.

During the treatment, Jeuveau  will get injected into your specific facial muscles using a syringe with a tiny needle.

Please avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area for at least 12 hours after your Jeuveau  treatment.

You should not lie down for at least 3 to 4 hours after your Jeuveau treatment. To keep the toxin from moving to other than where it is supposed to be.

How can Jeuveau help with wrinkles?
Jeuveau (abobotulinumtoxin A) medical formula come from bacteria that cause botulism. their objective is to interrupt communication between neurons to restrict nerve signals from reaching our muscles, causing the muscles to relax. When Jeuveau are injected into facial muscles, it stops the muscles from flexing and contracting. Once our facial muscles are relaxed, we have a smoother complexion.
Jeuveau expected results?

The results of Jeuveau are usually seen within 3 to 5 days and last for 3 to 4 months. it is important to keep in mind that the results of each treatment will vary by patient.

Is the Jeuveau injection painful?
Generally, our patients experience very little discomfort thanks to the numbing cream application prior to the injection
What should I expect post-treatment?

There is absolutely no downtime. Minor swelling around the injection site could be present post treatment which is temporary.

Will Jeuveau help improve the overall complexion of the skin?

Jeuveau is used strictly for dynamic lines and wrinkles that are visible when the facial muscles are contracted. This treatment does not improve non-dynamic expression lines, skin texture, or even out the skin tone. For the ultimate anti-aging treatment, Jeuveau could be combined with dermal fillers and PRP to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

Besides Botox  for lines and wrinkles, Allurant Aesthetics offers dermal fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane that smooth lines and wrinkles with hyaluronic acid. When injected into different sagging or marked with lines and wrinkles area of the face, it softens it by adding volume to those areas.



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